Monday, October 23, 2017


The typhoon No.21 passed and many trees were fallen on my way to the station. My train delayed about one hour.

I talked with my old friend from university through Facebook.
About a few years ago there was the first big reunion after graduation. We did not have a chance to talk each other at that time, but we became Facebook friends.
Maybe this was the first time to talk each other.
We promised to see each other near future.

It is very intetesting, isn't it?

Sunday, October 22, 2017


It was a rainy day.

I went to vote for the general election in the morning.

Then I headed for Roppongi to visit the National Art Center, Tokyo to see the exhibition of Sunshower.
This is the Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN.
There are two venues: The National Art Center, Tokyo and Mori Art Museum.
I went to the latter the other day. The former is located very close to my office but I could not find the time to visit for the past three months. Tomorrow is the last day of exhibition so I decided to visit.
There were two works I liked very much.

After that I went to Ueno okachi machi to see somebody to ask questions.

Then I went to Kanda to attend a seminar where I met some travel friends.

It was a busy day.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


It was another rainy day.

I went to Shinjuku and had lunch with my old friend at Tahitian Noni Cafe. It's been a long time since we met each other last.
After that we attended the lecture of Mr. Makoto Ohki, CEO of Morinda for two hours. We measures our AGE. Then we had a company tour. To our lucky, we happened to see Mr. Ohki during the tour and chatted. I like his friendly personality very much.

At night my lymphatic massager and I went to Yokosuka to have dinner. We enjoyed eating and talking.

Friday, October 20, 2017


It was a cold rainy day again, 10 days consecutive in Tokyo.

At lunch time I had a boxed lunch which is called obento (お弁当). There were six parts in a box, and two were filled with seasonal rice, one was kurigohan (栗ご飯), rice with chestnuts, the other is matsutake gohan (松茸ご飯), rice with matsutake mushroom. Gohan means boiled rice. I feel autumn when I eat these rice.

I left the office earlier than usual to go to see the 100th Anniversary Asakusa Opera, "Ah, Yume no machi Asakusa! (ああ、夢の街浅草!)," meaning "Ah, Asakusa, dream town!" in which my friend sang some songs.
They say Asakusa was very popular for a variety of performing arts about 100 years ago.
It started 6:30 pm and lasted until 8 pm or so with 15 minutes break and cost yen 3,500.
The most impressive thing was money-throwing system called "nagesen (投げ銭) " or "ohineri (おひねり): tip wrapped in paper." They prepare some piece of wrapping paper and a rubber band to wrap some changes at the reception. I tried it for the first time from the distance.
I met two mutual friends there.

Trains were delayed due to some accidents and influence of coming typhoon.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


It was a cold rainy day again. It was a record-making coldest morning in October.

After work I visited the Fuji Film Square. They have the exhibitions of "The Photographic Cooperative that Influenced the World: Origins of the Founding of Magnum Photos."  There were three parts: Part I The photographic origins of four of the founding members. Part Ii World War Two, Part III The founding of Magnum Photos and later developments. Works of the photographic origins of ten were exhibited. They are Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson,David Seymour, George Rodger, Eve Arnold, Werner Bischof, Inge Morath,  Dennis Stock, Elliott Erwitt, and Marc Riboud.

If you have time, I recommend you to visit there.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


It became fine after 6 days. However it is cold in the morning and evening.

Today I supported the lecture given by a woman who used to work as an official servant but founded three companies while getting married, giving births, and raised two daughters.
It was not only interesting but also useful for my own program study.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


It was a cold day.

After work I went to attend a free seminar of Mr. Cayden Chang about Warren Buffett's investment Strategy in Shinjuku. It lasted until later than 10 pm.
They gave a book of Mr. Tetsuya Inamura which was released in June and cost yen 1400 to each participant which was a unexpected surprise.

Unfortunately I missed the last regular train from Shinagawa by a few minutes. So I decided to take WING No.11 train for the first time. It cost yen 300 but it is a reserved seat train of nonstop until Kamioooka and connects to the last train to my station at Keikyu Kurihama, terminal of the WING car. So I do not have to spend for the taxi.
Some passengers enjoy drinking in the car, others are sleeing or using smartphone or PC.

Monday, October 16, 2017


It was a cold rainy day. In spite of the good weather early last week, it has been getting colder these days.

Today I went out for lunch with four people.

At night I went out for dinner at Shiodome with four people. I met three of them for the first time. We enjoyed talking and eating. I was surprised at the size of Oyster from Hokkaido. The price was also surprising. It was tasty at that time.
But I had a stomachache on my way back home.....

Sunday, October 15, 2017


It was a rainy day.

As my routine of the 15th, I visited the shrine before taking the train.

I went to Takeshiba to get the 5th lymphatic massage.

On my way there when I changed the train, I left my umbrella behind the train.
I asked the staff at the station, no report has not come yet and I was asked to call 30 minutes later. Fortunately my umbrella was brought to the lost & found of Shinagawa station. So I could pick it up later.

After the massage I went to the travel agency to consult about the trip in December.

Then I went to Ginza to see the rakugo, traditional story-telling at Akita Dining Namahage.  There were three speakers, and the first was a Swedish. I admire these foreigners who perform Japanese traditional culture.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


It was a cold rainy day.

I got up once to watch NHK's morning drama and was surprised at the rapid story development. This week I was out of the office three days and Monday was a holiday, so I missed the lunch time dramas. They were also developed rapidly.

In the afternoon I went to the fourth lymphatic massage at Takeshiba. It took about 2 hours and a half.

After that I went to a kimono shop. I was surprised to hear that the director's birthday was the same as mine. What a coincidence!


It was a cold rainy day.

I had three meetings and lots of things to do in between, and overworked till 9:40 pm.

When I got to Kanazawabunko, there was an accident on the way and all the trains stopped there for one hour or so. Therefore I had to go to Zushi and change to JR train and went to Kurihama, and changed to Keihinkyuko again. So I came home 1:30 am or so.

There was something wrong with the charger and I could not use the smartphone.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


It was fine in the morning, but became cloudy in the afternoon and rained in the evening.

I walked around the hotel before checking out.

We had a meeting in Nikko city in the morning.

At lunch we went to a soba, buckwheat noodle, restaurant where our driver booked for us.I ordered the recommended set menu.
They offered us a cup of coffee after the meal because we booked for lunch. Since I do not drink coffee, I asked the waitress to give it to our driver. He was very glad, so was I.

In the afternoon we visited Tochigi city. To our surprise the city hall was located on the upper floors of the department store.

There were many old-fashioned warehouses along the river. If it was fine, we could have walked there but it looked like going to rain we gave up and headed for the station.
To our surprise again there was no souvenir shops there but a convenience store.

We took Tobu express train up to Kitasenju. I changed to Hibiya Line there directly and adjusted the fare at Roppongi.
Since I had heavy documents, I dropped at the office to leave them.

Today is Columbus Day.  25 years ago this day Expo '92 in Seville, Spain was over. It was such a life-changing event for me that I thank everyone I met there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


It was cloudy but foggy in the morning.

I left home earlier than usual and went to Tokyo via Shinagawa. So crowded there. Then I took Shinkansen to Utsunomiya. This is the first time for me to go there. In the morning I had a meeting.

At lunch I ate half menu set of ramen and gyoza (餃子), which is a speciality there.

In the afternoon it started to rain unfortunately.

We visited the Nikko Toshogu (日光東照宮) shrine first. There were so many tourists there.
Then we went to the Kegon Falls. Because of fog, we could not see the whole waterfalls.

After checked in the hotel, we went out for dinner. It was very hard to find the restaurant because most of them were already closed. We ate Yuba (湯葉) dishes which are the local speciality.

At night I took onsen (温泉) hot spring with an open air bath.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


It was very fine and warm like summer.

53 years ago of this day was the opening of the Tokyo Olympic. They say it was fine as today.

There are some days in a year which we can expect the good weather. October 10 is one of them. Statistically November 3 tends to be a sunny day too.  We call these days hare no tokuibi (晴れの特異日).

It seems to be fine and hot next two days.

Monday, October 9, 2017


It was fine.

Today is a national holiday called Taiiku no hi (体育の日), Health-Sports Day. This used to be on October 10 commemorating the Tokyo Olympic in 1964. But since 2000 it has become the second Monday of October for Happy Monday System.

This is the last day of three day weekend.

I stayed home to receive the re-delivered goods in the morning.
Then I went to Kimono-Style Miya to participate in the event of bodyguard. I wore light yellow green Oshima tsumugi (大島紬) which is a tradtional Japanese articraft of 1300 years of history in Amamioshima (奄美大島) in Kagashima  (鹿児島) prefecture. Yellow green is my color of this year.

Two bodygurads escorted me. It was a very special experience.  When I heard about this event, I was not interested in it  at all, but I am glad to have attended.

In the evening I came to Roppongi and had dinner at Hinokizaka restaurant of the Ritz-Carlton,Tokyo. The view was very beautiful, and the meal was delicious as always.

Thank you very much.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


It was fine.

I went to Shinagawa to attend Reiki 3 seminar for review. This was the third time for me to attend this seminar. There were about 24  participants and they were divided into 3 groups.  Our group was consisted of three first learners, five repeaters,  one teacher and one sub-teacher.
There is something to learn each time.

When I came back home, it seemed to have happened something at the neighborhood and some policemen and patrol cars were there to investgate the site. So surprising.

Saturday, October 7, 2017


It was rainy and cold in the morning but became fine in the evening.

First I went to Shinjuku to attend Morinda's monthly meeting. They have a special campaign this month. If you have interested in, this is the best time to join.

Next I went to Roppongi to visit the Mori Art Museum at the 53rd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. They have the Exhibition Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN, SUNSHOWER Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now. There are works by over 80 artists representing every ASEAN nation in the largest exhibition ever of its kind. They are held simultaneously at two museums: the National Art Center,Tokyo and Mori Art Museum. To my lucky I got the invitation tickets. I hope to visit NACT by October 23.

The view from the 53rd floor is very nice.  Since there are restaurants there, I hope to visit there for afternoon tea someday.

Then I went to the beauty salon in Sugita to have my hair cut and perm.

I got three delivery goods but could not receive so that I decided to get them at the sales office for the first time.

Friday, October 6, 2017


It was cloudy in the morning but started raining in the afternoon. It has been getting very cool these days. Fall has come.

It is the full moon today but we may not be able to watch it.

In the morning I saw Mr. Shinjiro Koizumi (小泉進次郎) , a  member of the House of Representative at the station.

From tomorrow we have three day weekend.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


It was cloudy and rather cool.

After work I went to Ochanomizu (御茶ノ水) to attend a monthly meeting of the club I joined in June.

There was an announcement of Nobel Prize in Literature. An English writer Mr. Kazuo Ishiguro whose parents are Japanese became a winner. Congratulations!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


It was cloudy and cool.

In the morning before going to the office.
I went to see the Arc Nova 2017. The color was quite different from the one I saw last night.

Today it is jyugoya (十五夜) or chushu no meigetsu (中秋の名月) hervest moon, which means the night or moon of August 15 by the luner calendar.
We expect the full moon on this day but this year it does not fall on the same day. Full moon is two days later on October 6th.
It is the day for viewing the moon. We decorate susuki (すすき), Japanese pampus and dumpling. I did not decorate them but enjoyed viewing the beautiful moon at night.

Today I got sweets gift from Nakataya (中田屋) in Kanazawa (金沢). Last month when there was a campaign of foods and articraft of Kaga, Noto, and Kanazawa, I applied for the gift. I have totally forgotten about it but am so glad to receive two different kinds of delicious sweets set.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


It was rainy in the morning but became fine.

Do you know Arc Nova 2017?

There has been a big movable concert hall in Roppongi since September 19 until tomorrow.
I have wanted to see it so that I visited there after work.
They were filming the music TV program and only invited people could enter today. They say it will be broadcast on Saturday November 11 & 18.

Monday, October 2, 2017


was cloudy in the morning, but became rain in the evening.

October 1st is the time to change the uniform which is called koromogae (衣替え). So I saw some students wearing jackets.

It is also the start of the second half of the fiscal year which is called shimo hanki (下半期).

Many new TV Programs start this week. At lunch time I enjoy two of them. They started today.

Yesterday at the one day seminar we exercised in the first part. So I feel muscle pains here and there.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


A new month has started. October is jyugatsu (十月) and kannazuki (神無月) which means the month without gods because all of the gods get togethet in Izumo(出雲).  There October is kamiarizuki (神在月).

It was a fine beautiful Sunday.

I went to the nearby shrine first and headed for Tokyo to attend Mr. James Skinner's secret seminar, Koko now.  I have known him for several years by recorded seminar and a book but have never attended the real seminar. Through the joint talk live with Ms. Natsuko Yokota I connected with him by Facebook and LINE and knew about this monthly meeting.

It started at 9 am and finished around 8:30 pm.  They required us to wear elegant costumes during the seminar but they said they had exercise in the morning session.  So we needed to change.

There was a special guest's lectures too. I had no idear who he and his wife were but it seemed they are very famous in the certain world.

The first comers were invited to the stage and to tell their names and what James Skinner is for them.

There were many new things I learned today.

The venue was very closed to the Tokyo tower which looked very nice.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


The last day of September.  Three fourths of 2017 was over.

I have met many people including world famous best-seller writers for the past 9 months.

I invested myself to learn from many mentors, traveled inside and outside of Japan, bought many things, and ate a lot.

I think so far so good.

There are many plans waiting for me for the next three months which I am looking forward.

Today I went grocery shopping in the morning, and went to massage in the afternoon. The massager said my body was stiff and tired again.

There I found my LINE account was hijacked. I changed the password and reported  to LINE. Somebody sent the fraud mails from my accounts. My friends noticed there was something different from my language tone and informed of me. I was embarrassed a lot. Thanks to the rapid customer service action, the new account was deleted.

After massage I went to the Kimono-Style Miya to attend a special event. First my hair was set, makeup, then I was dressed. Today they tied the sash called  obi (帯) and  belt called obijime (帯締め) very decorative way.

Then I rid on Rickshaw, a man-powered cart called "Jinrikisha(人力車)" and headed for the famous Japanese restaurant "Nadaman(なだ万)"at the Intercontinental Hotel.
The weather was just fine with fresh sea breeze. The view was very nice. I ate delicious course dinner of grilled vegetable and meat.

In spite of the terrible LINE experience, I had a good day.

Thank you.

Friday, September 29, 2017


It was fine and very beautiful.

I took a half day off to attend SRC Convention held at the Hibiya park. It started at 2 pm and ended around 7 pm with about one hour break.

There is a library at the Hibiya park, and there is Pronto, a coffee shop where you can charge your smartphone, tablet, and PC for free of charge. What a relief I felt!

It was an interesting experience.

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


It was heavily raining early in the morning. When I was still in bed, there was a warning of heavy rain. Some of my friends were worried about me because my area was on the morning news having 87mm rain per hour by 5:40 am which was the heaviest record in history. The national road was flooded and closed.
Fortunately I could go to the station but my train delayed for an hour.
When I got to Roppongi, it was not raining.
But when I left, it was raining again.

After work I went to Ueno to attend an Opportunity Meeting. It may be a great chance to creat the wealth. Who knows?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


It was cloudy.

At office I usually have lunch watching TV at the Women's Rest Room where has some tatami mats with a table and a table with chairs and TV.

I was so surprised to hear the news of Saudi Arabian women's driver's license today at lunch time. I did not know that they were not allowed to drive until now. I was shocked to know such a discrimination still exists in this 21st century.

It is often said our common sense /standard is not universal. And I know we are very blessed compared to other countries.
I have been to many countries and have many foreign friends.

But I realized there are still so many things to know and should be changed.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


It was fine and warm.

I could practice the radio gymnastics in the morning after a while.

There were three meetings at the office. Two of them were regular and one of them was irregular.
First one is a weekly team meeting to consult everything we need to.
Second one is biweekly office meeting to report and share one's working progress and consult the common problem.
Third one was suddenly setup to meet someone from outside by chance.

I feel it is very important to meet to understand each other. Even using Japanese language we get different meaning from what we express in emails.

Monday, September 25, 2017


It was fine.

It's been about 100 days since the baby panda of the Ueno Park was born. Finally she got the name.  It is Shan Shan (香香). The Chinese character shan (香) means fregrance.
They say there were 322,581 applications for choosing the name from the public.
She looks so cute.
I hope her healthy growth.

She will be shown to the public around December.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


It was very fine.

I checked out the hotel before 9 am and visited Osu Kannon Temple (大須観音) first.
Then I visited Banshoji (万松寺) Temple which is deeply related with Oda Nobunaga (織田信長), one of the most famous civil war time heroes. They have a mechanical clock. Therefore I waited there until 10 am. There were two scenes.

After that I went to Atsuta Jingu (熱田神宮), where is one of the most famous shrines in Japan. It seems today is a good day that there were many celebrations such as wedding, Omiyamairi (お宮参り) first visit after birth, and early Shichigosan (七五三) which is usually celebrated on November 15.

There is a very famous restaurant for Hitsumabushi (ひつまぶし) eel dish near Atsutajingu called Horaiken(蓬来軒). Their waiting time was two hours.
Therefore I came back to Yabacho (矢場町) hoping to eat Misokatsu (味噌カツ) at Yabaton.  However there was a long waiting line there too.
So I decided to try another Nagoya dish, Ankake spaghetti (あんかけスパゲッティ).

From 1pm to 6 pm I attended a specal seminar "Brain Talk."  There were about 32 participants. I met some Reiki friends. After the lecture we had a pair work and group works. It was a rare chance seminar, which is only held when the lecturer is available at the weekend. So I came to Nagoya this time all the way. It was interesting.

Before getting on Shinkansen going back to Tokyo, I bought Misokatsudaon (みそカツ丼) box meal for dinner.

It was a nice weekend.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


It is a national holiday called Shubun no hi (秋分の日), Autumn Equinox Day. Since it is Saturday, it is just the same weekend as usual.

I came to Nagoya to attend a rare seminar "Brain Talk" which is held only when the lecturer has time and the venue is available. Tomorrow is that special day in Nagoya.

Since there is a trial meeting of Reiki today at the same place, I decided to attend as a supporter for the first time.

I invited my relative to join. She seemed enjoyed.

After that we and my cousin had dinner at the Alice in the silver screen.
We enjoyed the reunion.

Friday, September 22, 2017


It was fine in the morning, but became rain in the afternoon as the weather forecast said.

After work I went to the Kagurazaka Pulse Gallery to see my friend's art exhibition.
He is Mr. Hirono Nakamura, dragon artist. We met each other at the Expo 92 in Seville, Spain for the first time. It's been 25 years!! At that time I was working at the Japan pavilion, and he was a traveler just after finishing his first job. Our birthday happens to be the same day, May 8, and we became friends.

When I became sick in Florida in 2008, he was also sick.

Last year we happened to see each other again at the seminar of Mr. Ken Honda.

This is his second exhibition. There were many beautiful pictures of dragons.
He was selling postcards and a leaflet. I bought the latter and asked him the autograph. He drew the picture of dragon with his signature which was very nice.
It cost yen 1500 but there was a coupon for tea or coffee which cost yen 500.
I happened to see his brother and his wife there.

Since I had another appointment, I only had a half an hour or so, but I am glad to visit there.

If you have time, I recommend you to visit there next Sunday when he and his friend have a joint performance.

After that I went to a seminar at Shinjuku which lasted until 10 pm.

For the last two days I took the last train.Tonight I could get on the one before last.

Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


It was fine.

After work I went to Shinjuku to attend  Mr. Cayden Chang's Investment Strategy Seminar.

This was the second time for me to attend his lecture.

It started after 7 pm  and lasted for more than three hours without break.

Unfortunately I could not stay until the last because of the time of my last train.

Fortunately I could manage to catch it tonight too.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


It was fine.

After work I went out for dinner at Alice in magical land in Shinjuku with my colleague.
This is the second time for me to visit there.
When I went there for the first time, they gave me a stamp rally card, dessert coupon, and tea bag.
The atomosphere was unique and I became intetested in visiting all the five Alice Fantasy restaurants in Tokyo.
Stamp rally was valid until the end of August, and each time they offered the free drink. By visiting three different restaurants, they sent me an original dish the other day.
Since the dessert coupon was valid until today, I decided to go there again to see what kind of dessert it is.
It was a big parfait with topped by many cakes and ice cream and cost yen 1380.
If you upload the picture at Instagram, they offer a glass of drink.
Through internet I could book for the 8 dishes course at the half price.
So we feel lucky and enjoyed dinner.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


It was fine.

Since a new staff joined to our office, we had a welcome luncheon at a German restaurant in the Roppongi Hills.
I chose the limited daily menu which
cost yen 1000. It included salad, chicken eith cream sauce, rice, dessert, and tea.
The pictures of the wall were impressive.
They use the beer glass for iced coffee too.  Iced coffee looked like black beer. There is a mark of 300ml or so on the glass, and we talked about the characteristic of German people. We think they are very precise. What do you think?

Monday, September 18, 2017


It was fine and beautiful after the typhoon No.18.

Today is a nstuonsl holiday called Keiro no hi (敬老の日), Respect for the Aged Day.

According to the
newspaper, there are 67824 people who are over 100 years old in Japan which is 2132 more than last year.   87.9 % of them  are women.
The oldest woman is 117 years old and the oldest man is 112 years old.
When they started the research on 1963, there were only 153 people who are over 100 years old and in 1998  it became more than 10000, and in 2012 they exceeded 50000.
The average lifespan of Japanese womppen is 87.14  and of
men is 80.98 years old.  
There are more than 2 million who are over 90 years old.
There are 11.9% who are more than 65 years old that occupy among all the working people.

Today is the last day of the three-day weekend.
What did you do?

I went to the Lymphatic massage in the morning and the water-related service persons came to clean water  tubes.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


It was a rainy day because of the typhoon No.18.

In the morning I went to the Kimono-Style Miya to have hair done, makeup, dressed up and my pictures taken.

Then I went to Roppongi to have lunch with my Lymphatic massage teacher at the 45th floor of the Ritz- Carlton Hotel. We enjoyed the course lunch. We happened to see a very famous Japanese photographer near our table.

After lunch I went to Namahage yose (なまはげ寄席), the Vaudeville Theater in Ginza with my ex-colleague. There were three performers.

Then I went back to the Kimono-Style  Miya to pick up the carry case.

In spite of rain I had a nice day.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


It was a rainy day.

In the morning I got a call and my morning schedule was postponed in the afternoon.
So I went to see a Japanese movie titled Sandome no satsujin(三度目の殺人), The Third Killing.

Then I headed for Roppongi to the next appointment. It was a free  facial massage for 30 minutes. Last year I happened to buy cosmetics, and I got some points. It is valid until the end of September, so I decided to use them.
I had a good experience.

There were some new exhibitions and a galleray talk at the Fuji Film Square.

After that I went to Takeshiba to get lymphatic massage. This was the second time.

Then I visited a kimono shop where I met a Japanese traditional dance performer.

Friday, September 15, 2017


It was fine.

Since it is the 15th, I went to the nearby shrine before taking the train.

I took a half day off to visit the annual Minarukanetaisai (巳成金大祭) of Ueno Bentendo Temple(上野弁天堂). I arrived about one hour later than my schedule. When I arrived, there were two long lines already. One for visiting the statue of Benzaiten(弁才天) which is exhibited only once in a year, the other for buying the special gold coin and purse.  It took more than one hour to enter the temple. I needed to go to the office by 1 pm, so I had to give up buying the gold coin this year. Instead I got the red stamp called written Goshuin (御朱印) and a protection coin charm. Next year I 'd better book in August.
I saw the beautiful sun with a big circle while waiting.

Before going to the office I visited two shrines near the office.

At office I had two meetings.

I left the office earlier than usual to attend an opening event of Samurai Royal Community. It lasted for more than three hours. I enjoyed the event very much.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


It was fine.

There was a commencement today. Students from about 50 countries graduated. Congratulations!!
I helped the registration for family members and friends. They dressed up and looked very beautiful with their national costume.
There were some babies and children who looked after their parents. Families are nice, aren't they?

Most of the students were from Asian and African countries where I have not been to yet.

Since I am in charge of other program, I have a rare chance to talk with regular students.

Sometimes I feel I am wasting a big chance to get to know people and countries I have not known yet.

Maybe I should just start greeting.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


It was fine.

According to the Facebook posts, it seems the sky at the sunset was pink and very beautiful.
Usually I am inside the building once I enter in the morning, and I don't know what is going on outside.
I'd better take breaks and check outside sometimes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


It was a rainy day but I did not use the umbrella. It seems there appeared rainbows here and there. When I got to the parking area, there were many leaves and it looked rained heavily this area.

Recently I booked the airline tickets from the official website of Thai Airways for the business trip.  I wanted to book for three persons, but due to the security protection of the credit card, I could not buy for one of them. Therefore I asked the person to book by himself and he bought through ANA. In spite of the code share flights, the price was far much expensive than TG. I wonder why this happens. The sevice will be the same.

I understand there are price differences among travel agencies.  But I do not understand why there are differences between TG and ANA for the same flights.

Monday, September 11, 2017


It was fine.

I could not get up early, and missed the regular train. Therefore  I needed to change for three times before getting to Daimon where I change to Oedo line.
I should have taken 10 minutes earlier or later train not to change up to Daimon. Because I got to the office later than the 10 minutes later train which I got on the other day.

It's been 16 years since the 9/11 occurred.

This year the Hurricane Irma hit Florida where I used to live.
I hope everyone is fine.


It was fine.

This was the first Sunday that I do not have any appointments and relaxed an went grocery shopping since I came back from the USA.

I slept long and bought many things today. I have filled up my car too.

At home I washed and dried futon.

It was a nice Sunday.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


It was fine.

I wore kimono and went to attend a luncheon at Kamioooka. There held at a French restaurant and I was at a table of three.  It was very interesting to hear the stories they have experienced.  Meal was good and deicious.

After that we went to Kaga, Noto & Kanazawa (加賀、能登、金沢) fair held at the department store. There were many sweets and articrafts. By answering questionaire I got a sweet and I bought some instant soup and sweets.

After coming back home the maintenance serviceman was waiting.

At night I went to see a friend and had dinner.

There was a festival at the shrine near my house and visited there on my way back.

The moon was so beautiful  tonight.

Friday, September 8, 2017


It was fine.

After work I went out for dinner with a colleague in Ikebukuro. We chose one of the Alice Fantasy Restaurants. There are five of them inTokyo and I have been to four of them since July.
Today's place is Kojo no kuni no Alice (古城の国のアリス), Alice in an old castle.
Each restaurant has a different theme and different interiors and some original menus.
We chose the Halloween special course dinner. Decorations were very cute with Halloween goods. I ordered original cocktails.
I enjoyed talking with her and getting to  know her and eating and drinking as usual.

I feel good to have visited all five Alice restaurants in Tokyo.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


It was a rainy day.

After work I went to Suidobashi to attend a monthly meeting to get information and to solve questions. After all what I learned was I should call and ask the support desk regarding technical matters.

There was a group meeting after that which I was not informed of. It lasted for more than one hour and I missed a webinar which I wanted to join.

I felt relieved to get on the last train.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


It was a rainy day.

After work I visited the Fuji Film Square after two week or so. There were some beautiful pictures which I hope to take someday by myself.
This is the 57th contest.

Today is the fullmoon, but we cannot see itk- now unfortunately.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


It was cloudy in the morning but became fine when I got to the office.

I could not get up early again and took 30 minutes later train than usual.
To my lucky our office operates on flextime system. The core time is from 10 am to 3 pm and we need to work for 7 hours and 45 minutes with one hour lunch time break per day. We can adjust total working time within a month. Furthermore we can take offs hourly.

Monday, September 4, 2017


It was slightly raining and cool this morning.

In the morning after waking once I fell asleep again and got up later than usual.
So I did not have time to eat breakfast.

At office in the afternoon I attended English training of Five tips for effective email writing. It was three hours session but very interesting and I learned a lot and enjoyed.
There were five golden rules when you write effective emails. One of them was KISS. Can you guess what it means? It means Keep It Short and Simple.
Others were to be consistent, not to send empty emails, to reply as soon as possible, and to be polite.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


It was fine.

I went to Kimono-style Miya to have hairdo, makeup, got dressed, and my pictures taken in the morning.

Then I went to Shinjuku to attend a seminar in the afternoon There were three speakers. There was a Chinese-Japanese interpreter.  At first they did not provide the interpreter for the latter patt, but since two thirds of the audience were Japanese, they decided to have the interpreter.
It seems they were very famous but I did not know at all.

In the evening I attended the talk dinner party at an Italian restaurant in Omote sando.  There were about 30 people who love traveling. I enjoyed eating, listening to the expereiences of travel bloggers and sharing information.

It was a busy fruitful day

Saturday, September 2, 2017


It was rainy and cold in the morning but became fine in the afternoon.

I went to Shinjuku to attend Morinda's monthly meeting. After that I measured the TruAge. To my surprise I became about 10 years younger than last time. I tried to think the reasons. The one I am sure is the increased volume of Original Tahitian Noni Juice. I usually drink a glass of Maxidoid in the morning. However I bought two cases of Original Tahitian Noni Juice in July for special campaign offering two bottles of Tahitian Noni Juice for each two cases shopping. So for the past a week or so I have drunk a glass of Tahitian Noni Juice for not only in the morning but also at night. The more I drink, the better result I get. So I am looking forward to measuring next time in October.

Then I went to Kani doraku (かに道楽), my favorite crab restaurant to have late lunch with a friend whom I got to know about a month ago. We enjoyed eating and drinking for more than three hours.

After that I went to Kawasaki to see a Japanese movie "Kimi no suizo wo tabetai (君の膵臓を食べたい)," meaning "I want to eat your pancreas." The title is so strange but when I saw the preview serveral months ago, I felt like seeing it, and finally I could make it. It was a touching movie of high school girl who was sick of pancreas but died unexpectedly.
We should not postpone what we want to do because we don't know when we die.

It was a fruitful day.

Friday, September 1, 2017


It was a cool rainy day.

A new month has begun. September is kugatsu (九月,9月), the ninth month. Its another name is nagatsuki (長月), long month.

In the mornning I went to two shrines, one near my house, the other near the office as tsuitachi mairi (朔日参り), the first day visit to thank the passed month.

After work I went to Shinjuku to have dinner with ex-colleagues at another Alice's Fantasy restautrant. It is Alice in a fantasy book. This is the fourth Alice's restaurant. Foods were almost the same. There were many people and some people were celebrating birthdays.

Since today is the first day, it is good to start something. This month I started using Morinda's Te Mana new cosmetic series. I am looking forward to my future.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


It was a rainy day and rather cold at night.

The end of August. That means two thirds of 2017 have already finished.
How fast time flies!
How was it?
Mine was good to have traveled around USA, Europe, and USA again for private, Nagano, Hokkaido and Tohoku for business trips, and to Kyushu by invitation trip and so on. I attended many seminars to learn many things and became a Reiki teacher. I met many old friends by 25th anniversary events of Expo '92 and have made some new friends.

One of the colleagues left the office today. Since I could not attend her welcome luncheon nor farewell luncheon, we will have dinner tomorrow.

I have had delicious foods here and there.

I hope the rest of one third will be good too.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


It was fiine and hot in the morning but it rained heavily in the afternoon.
When I left the office in the evening, it was slightly raining but not so bad in  Tokyo.
However according to the news, it seemed to have really heavily rained in the Kanto area.

They say the prices of vegetables would be increasing because of lack of sunshine.

At night I talked with my friend after a long time over the phone and asked all the questions, which was good.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


It was fine, hot and humid.

I left the office a little bit earlier than usual to go to get Llymphatic massage at Takeshiba. Since this is the first time for me to see the massager, she was waiting for me at the Hamamatsucho station where is connected to Daimon station where I always transfer.

First I signed the paper, then washed my face.
After that I have many before-massage-pictures taken to compare after-massage-pictures.

First she moved my left legs and compared to my right legs. To my interesting just a few minutes movements changed the length of my legs. Then she moved my right legs to be equal.

Next she massaged around left collarbone, shoulder, neck, and cheek for a while and took pictures.
Then she massaged around right collarbone, shoulder, neck, and cheek for a while and took pictures.

Then I layed on the special mat for a while to rest.

My right shoulder was stiffer than left shoulder.

I am not sure how I changed, but when left side of the face was done,  my left faceline seemed to be sharper than right side.

This is a course of 6 times practices by November. I am very looking forward to changing my body better.

After that we went out for dinner at the Cjhinese restaurant on the top floor where has a nice view of the Rainbow bridge.

We enjoyed talking about many things.

I am looking forward to the next time.

Monday, August 28, 2017


In the morning when I got to the station, I found I did not bring the commuter ticket  because I used the different bag yesterday. I went back home to get it. In addition I decided to wear a cardigan which was good because it was very cold in the trains.

These days I used Helo to check my physical condition and have been worried about my blood pressure data. They were rather higher than usual.  Therefore I went to the health control room at work and measured by the regular blood pressure machine. The data was normal as I have known and felt relieved.
I talked with a nurse and she explained about the possibility of the reasons. I felt relieved.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


It was cloudy in the morning but became fine and hot.

In the morning I went to Kimono-style Miya to get hair set and dressed. Today's kimono is Kyokinsai (京金彩) homongi (訪問着), formal wear.
One of the reasons was to listen to the kodan (講談), Japanese traditional story telling in Tokyo. My Reiki teacher was supposed to present around 2 pm. So I arrived there before 2 pm. However when I got there, he was at the entrance taking pictures with friends. I did not understand what was going on. To my shock, programs went smoothly and his turn came earlier than sch, and he said he has just finished. I was so discouraged.
Most of his pupils seemed to have left after his presentation, but I enjoyed listening to some people's presentations.
This is the first experience for me to hear  the live kodan, so I did not know about it at all, and the differences between rakugo (落語) and kodan(講談).
There were many stories, some are old, others are new. Some were stereo-typed, others were original.
I enjoyed the true stories based on their experiences.

I had another appointment at night, so I could not listen to the last person, but I was there for more than four hours.

Then I moved to a restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Hotel,Tokyo in Roppongi. It is located on the 45th floor and the night view was so nice. In addition we could see the fireworks at the Jingu baseball stadium (神宮球場: jingu kyujo).
The course dinner was very beautiful to see and very delicious to eat.
I had a very nice dinner.
I am looking forward to seeing Mt.Fuji from the restaurant next time st daytime.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I went to Shimbashi to attend a study meeting of WGN in the afternoon. I have  started using Helo since last month but there were many things I wanted to know how to handle and every question was answered today. So I am glad to have attended today.

After that I went to Omotesando to visit the gallery opening for my friend's 20th anniversary exhibition which started at 3 pm.  Since the study meeting lasted until 3 pm, I arrived at the venue around 3:30 pm and she was just making a speech. There were many people there. I could talk with her and take some pictures. Her pictures are very beautiful and they are used for healing.

Then I went to Shinjuku to attend a seminar about creating the wealth. I expected to see Mr. Robert Allen but he did not come this time. It lasted longer than schedule.

Finally I attended the web seminar on Kirei Design on my way back in a train.

It was a busy day.

Friday, August 25, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I had a chance to attend an English summer program of 1200 History of Walking 1200 km 88 Temples in Shikoku. It's been already more than two years since I visited those 88 temples called Shikoku hachijyuhakkasho (四国八十八ヶ所). It was one of the "once in a life" experiences. This program reminded me of my wonderful experiences.

After work I went out for dinner with my ex-colleague in Ginza. The name of the restaurant is Meikyu no kuni no Alice (迷宮の国のアリス) , Alice in a labyrinth.
This was the third time for me to visit the  Alice restaurant. Every place has a different concept and everywhere was picuresque. Not only I got a free drink, but also an original Alice picture plate which will be sent later to my house.  They say this campaign is so popular that they are producing additional plates and that it will take time to ship.
In addition I uploaded the Alice fair drink by Instagram, therfore I got free chocolate herve tea.
We enjoyed eating & talking and decided to visit other restautant near future.

It was a nice premium Friday.


It was fine and still very hot. However the daytime seems becoming shorter.

There were many things to do at office and I could finish many things which is nice.

I got a call from unknown number after my lunch time. I listened to the voice message on my way back. In Japan it is prohibited to call inside the train, therefore I called after coming home. She was not available and after a while I got a reply call saying that she was on her way back and call me later again. After all we could talk very late and decide the date to meet each other. I heard very interesting story and am now very looking forward to seeing her next week.
I knew her from someone I met at the dinner invited early this month.
I happened to sit next to her and we have many things in common and  enjoyed talking very much.

Life is wonderful if you accept the chances appeared to you, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


It was fine and very hot around 33 degrees centigrade.

Last night I could not sleep maybe because of jet lag. Therefore I decided to get up and go to work early to come home earlier to receive the re-delivered suitcase and other goods.
I am glad to receive them finally. The goods were LTO of Te Mana cosmetics from Morinda which looked very gorgeous.

There was the final game of high school baseball game. I knew about it from last night's news. For both high school it would be the first time to be the top of all the teams in Japan.  Last night I saw the news about the hitter Nakamura (中村) of Koryo (広陵) high school from Hiroshima  prefecture who made the great record of 6 hoomeruns after 32 years of Kiyohara (清原) of PL school made.
Today Hanasaki Tokuharu (花咲徳栄) high school from Saitama prefecture won by 14 to 4 at the 99th meeting.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2018.8 .22

It was fine.

It was the total solar eclipse in the USA after 99 years.
I was very lucky to have been able to watch the live show by Mr.James Skinner from Oregon in the early morning (1 am to 2:25 am).

When I was in the USA last week I heard people were so excited about it, and they issued the special stamps.
Fortunately I bought them. They are changed the color by temperature. It is so cool.

Today it is the new moon when we can wish.

Nature is wonderful, isn't it?

Monday, August 21, 2017


It was fine.

To my lucky my next seat was vacant.
There were snack & drink service, dinner, water, pizza & ice cream, and breakfast during the flight from Minneapolis to Haneda which took more than 11 hours.

I watched about four movies.

After arriving at Haneda. I went to the monthly massage. My body was so stiff, especially on my left head.

Then I went to a kimono shop.

It was a nice summer vacation.


I got up early and came to the airport by taxi which cost $40 including the tips.
At airport I ate breakfast.

I leave here at 8:15 am and arrive at Haneda 13:45 tomorrow. It is 16 hours and a half.
When I bought the tickets I knew I have time in New York but I thought it would be the direct flight to Japan.
But it was not.

First I flew to Mineapolis which took about three hours.
There was one hour time difference there.

I left there at 11:20 am.

Now I am onboard.
I will arrive at Haneda after 11 hours and 20 minutes or so.


It was fine.

After lunch we left Delray Beach and headed for the West Palm Beach Airport. To my shock I could not check-in the buggage all the way to Haneda, Japan because my flight from New York to Haneda is tomorrow.
I wanted to travel light in New York but had to bring everything together.

In New York I visited friends to see their first baby. Just one year ago we had a good time in Tokyo.
Time flies!
The flight arrived 40  minutes earlier than schedule.
I took a bus and subway to Brooklyn which cost $2.75 for more than one hour travel.
I enjoyed visiting them and walking around.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


It was fine.

We came back to Miami in the morning

We ate breakfast and got out of the ship before 10 am.

We came back to Delray Beach around 11am.

I went to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens to say hello to my EX-colleagues.
I had lunch with my third host family.

After coming back I went to the post office to buy the special stamps of the total eclipse happens next Monday. The color changes according to the temperature.

Then we went to play golf

We went shopping and had a nice dinner.

It was a nice day.

Friday, August 18, 2017


It was fine.

Today is my father's second death anniversary.

We arrived at Key West around 10:30 am or so. There was an immigration process before landing.

This is the third time for me to be there, first in 1996 by Greyhound bus and second in 2007 by car.

We visited where I wanted to, 0 mile point, lighthouse, the southernmost point and some shops.

We came back around 3 pm and had late lunch.

We took a nap and ate dinner soon.

At 8 pm there was the Farewell International Parade of Flags and crew members were introduced. The phillippines are the largest in number followed by Indian.
There was showtime "Stage to Screen" tonight.

Outside I saw the thunder lights in the faraway.

We ate a lot and enjoyed many things gor the past four days.


It is fine and hot outside but it is very cold inside. Therefore I got a cold.

We arrived at Nassau, the Bahama in the morning.
We started breakfast around 9:30 so one of the dining rooms was already closed.

We landed at the port this time. First we went to some jewry shops to get presents. We happened to find the Ministry of Tourism and asked where to visit.  According to the advice, we visited the major touristic places.

We came back to the ship around 2 pm and ate lunch at the ship.
We took a nap, and there was the assembly meeting of Dream Trips from 5 pm. They say there are 92 Dream Trippers this time but only a third got together. There was a family who traveled free. Someday I hope to do so.

After dinner we enjoyed the juggling show at night.


We arrived at Coco Cay, the Bahama where is a private island around 8 am. Since there is no port, we were sent by tender boat to the island beach. There are nearly 3000 passengers, it takes time for all the people to land. So we waited taking breakfast.After all we arrived at beach nearly 11am, and walked around the straw shops, and enjoyed swimming. It is a shallow beach and I could walk to 100 meters or so. I saw some fish including a shark.
After eating lunch we rested and came back to the ship.To my interesting there was a security check on our way back.

When we got back to the room, we found the gift from our travel agency.
We had a formal dinner tonight, so I wore Japanese summer kimono called Yukata (浴衣).
The sunset was very beautiful.
We watched the movie music show for an hour.


It was fine.

We left around10:45 and headed for Miami.
At the port there were some cruise ships.
Our Enchantment of the Sea was docked at the Pier G where was the furtherest from the parking.

After checking in, we ate lunch first and there was a Guest Assembly Drill later.

We left Miami at 4 pm.

There was a sail away party at 4:15pm.

We had dinner at 6 pm. We watched the show. They say participants were from more than 30 countries. There were some honeymoon couples. There was a couple who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  The secret of long relationship the wife said was  compromise, and the husband's was always agree.

We enjoyed casino for $5 free play and watching stars at the deck.

Inside the ship it is very cold, outside it is very hot and humid.

It was a nice day.

Monday, August 14, 2017


I arrived at West Palm Beach after midnight.

My best friend came to pick me up and we went to see the Perseid Meteor Shower directly to the west. We saw about 10 shooting stars, 6 of them were so nice staying longer in the sky, but still too short for us to make a wish.

it was about 3 am when we got home. I slept until noon.

We went to play golf.  It took about 3 hours.

I am now in vacation.
How nice it is!

Saturday, August 12, 2017


It was rainy in Japan.

Today is the first day of my trip to Florida and the Caribbean cruise for summer vacation.

I left home before 11am and arrived at the Narita Airport before 2 pm.

I picked up the suitcase and checked in.

At the terminal there was a time-limited event of Kabuki Experience Gallery & Shop. There is Kabuki Face Photo Booth, and you can make seals of your picture for free.

The plane left at 15:55 and arrived at Detroit after 11 hours and 14 minutes. It was still 14:20 of Aug.12.
I watched three movies.

I have waited for four hours for the next flight to Atlanta.
It took two hours from Detroit to Atlanta.
Since I got the window side seat, I enjoyed the beautiful sceneries including rainbows.

I am now onboard for West Palm Beach where I will arrive at after midnight.


Today is a national holiday called Yama no hi (山の日), Mountain Day which was introduced last year.
For most of people it is a beginning of three day weekend. For me it is a start of 11 days summer vacation.
I wanted to leave Japan today but the flight tickets were too expensive to buy. I will leave Japan tomorrow.
So i went to the beauty salon and other places to shop. I asked the delivery companies to pick up my suitcase and to deliver the goods.

It was a rainy day but I had a good holiday.

Friday, August 11, 2017


Have you ever ridden on the first class on the airplane?
It is usually very expensive so that I only rid once by chance.
To travel light and to travel by first class is one of my dreams. Therefore I went to experience it tonight.
It is a restaurant located in Ikebukuro.  There were some destinations, and I chose to go to Paris. The departure time was 17:50 and arriving time was 19:30.
There are only 12 seats, 8 for first class and 4 for business class. As the campaign price it cost yen 5980. We can experience virtual reality using head lens.
Foods were delicious.

I think it is fun to try once.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


It was another hot day. The hottest day in this summer in many places.

After midnight I saw the beautiful full moon.

I went to see the fireworks festival at Miurakaigan tonight. It was very nice. I saw the red moon there. The shape was changed a lot. It was a very interesting experience.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


There was supposed to be a fireworks festival at Miurakaigan beach, but it was postponed tomorrow due to the typhoon No. 5.

It was a full moon today so that I wanted to see it with fireworks but I could not.

They say it is called Lion´s gate today and
the stars in the universe make a line and the gate between this world and that world opens snd the energy from the universe falls  on the earth.

I do not know about the detail but it is said with the full moon the power is stronger.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Zansho omimai moshiagemasu (残暑お見舞い申し上げます)

This is the way to greet at this hot season.
Until yesterday it was "Shochu omimai moshiagemasu.(暑中お見舞い申し上げます)." The difference is "shochu" which means the middle of hot season and "zansho" which means "the late summer heat" though the heat itself is almost the same.
The reason of difference is today is risshu (立秋), the start of the fall on the calendar.
It is one of nijyushisekki (二十四節気), the 24 solar terms. The last one was taisho(大暑) on July 23, and the next one is shosho(処暑) on August 23.

The typhoon No.5 is gradually approaching. It rained at night but stopped. I hope it will pass without any problem.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


It was fine.

I went to Shinagawa to learn Reiki third degree again. There were 24 people today, and they were divided into three groups. There were three new students and two second time learners, one teacher, and two supporters in my group.
At lunch time I heard goose bumps stories.

After the seminar we heard koudan (講談), traditional story-telling about the founder of Reiki.

After that I went to the aquarium because my one-year passport expires today. I enjoyed watching jellyfish as usual and the dolphine show of fireworks.

It was a nice day.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


It was fine.

I had a very busy day,

In the morning a refrigerator repair serviceman finally came and replaced the PCB.  Fortunately it started working again.

In the afternoon there was the third year memorial service for my father who passed away on Aug. 17, 2015. It's been two years since his death, but we count it as three years and call it "sankaiki(三回忌)."
After the ceremony we went to the grave.
Then we had lunch. This was the first time for  me to go there.

We came home to change and headed for Shinagawa.

I was invited to the live concert of Ms.Hiroko Moriguchi(森口博子) and to the dinner.

I made friends with some ladies who likes kimono very much.

It was a nice day.

Friday, August 4, 2017


It was rainy in the morning.

I was rather busy so that I overworked.

Tomorrow we have the third year memorial service of my father who passed away on August 17, 2015.
It's been about two years but we count as three years. After one year frrom the death the memorial service is called isshuki (一周忌), after two years it is called sankaiki (三回忌). We hold  the service at the graveyard. Then we have dinner.
I often think the death is the last present for the rest who meet at the funreral. Budddhist family usually have memorial services for several times after the death  so that we get together.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


It was cloudy and rather cool again.

After work I went to Shibuya to see somebody.

I thought of two restaurants in Shibuya and went to one of them. To my surprise they were so close. I have been one of them so many times but I did not notice the other at all in spite of passing in front.
It was a sister restaurant of Alice in magical land in Shinjuku where I went last month. It was Alicei n a dancing land.
It is located in the B1 floor and looks like a n amusement park and very attractive.
We enjoyed talking, eating, drinking, and being in the space. There were many birthday people again.I used the coupon I got the other day and got one drink.

If there is someone who is interested in going, let's go to another one in Ginza or Ikebukuro.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


It was cloudy and rainy and rather cooler than usual.

After work I went to Fuji Film Square. There were new exhibitions since last time. I liked the water pictures.
If you like Disney, I recommend you to visit there while they are having pictures of them.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


A new month has started. August is hachigatsu (八月), the eighth month or hazuki (葉月), leaf month.

Every first day of the month I make it a rule to visit shrines which is called o tsuitachi mairi (お朔日参り). I visited three shrines this morning, one near the house, two near the office.  I have known both of them but have never been to one of them in spite of passing in front so many times.

There are manners to obey at the shrines. Some are common for all the shrines, others are peculiarfrom to each shrine.

On my way back home trains were delayed due to heavy rain.

Monday, July 31, 2017


The end of July. How fast time flies!
How was your July?
I was rather busy with two business trips to Hokkaido and Tohoku which are in the north and an invitation trip to Fukuoka and Oita which are in the south.
I have attended many seminars, met many people, and had delicious lunch and dinner with different friends.

It was fine and hot today.
Since this was the last day for one of the colleagues, we had luncheon at a Spanish restaurant where we went before. I ordered the seafood paella lunch set which includes salad, soup, paella and soft drink. It cost yen 800 which is rather reasonable.
There were two other staffs who left the office in other departments.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


It was cloudy and partially rained but I did not have to use the umbrella.

I went to Shinagawa to attend the one-day seminar of Energy Master Light. There were nearly 50 participants. It started at 10 am and lasted until 7 pm. In the morning there was a lecture, and we had a light lunch. In the afternoon there was work and finally we heard about some experiences who attended the courses before.
The work is called Inner Journey. We reach our inner self and release the mind block to enhance the self-image.
I thought I did not have specific problems, but this work reminded me of my childhood past and the relation with my 3rd and 4th grade teacher. I regret not to have thanked my parents enough while they were still alive. I felt the things I am doing now would lead my ideal future.
I met some people I knew and enjoyed talking.

After that I went to a bookstore to buy Mr.James Skinner's newly released book.
At night I saw the Facebook talk live with Ms.Natsuko Yokota and Mr. James Skinner. It was very interesting.

I connected with some people by Facebook and Line and enjoyed messaging.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


It was fine in the morning, but started raining heavily in the afternoon. To my lucky I overworked until 9:20 pm or so, therefore it has stopped raining already when I left the office and I did not have to use an umbrella.

I was going to leave earlier to go grocery shopping but I could not.
When I got home, it was already 11:30 pm. I got the books I ordered at Amazon on May 31.  I am glad to get them because I have known the author for a year and I know her experiences mentioned in the book when she was actually experiencing through her blog and Facebook.  By knowing her life style I was inspired to travel cheap but luxurious.
I am looking forward to reading the book.


It was cloudy.

There were many interesting events which I wanted to attend today.  However I decided to stay at home all day long.

 I kept household accounts which I missed for nearly three months, ordered the Limited Time Offer of Te Mana, talked with the customer service for the refrigrator repair, and booked the flights to Florida for summer vacation. Since it is the high season, they are very expensive. By changing one day, the cost differs about yen35,000. I checked about 5 websites and tried four destinations (West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Orlando) between August 10 and 20.  After all I booked from August 12 to19.  To go I need to transit twice, to come back once but the waiting time is 13 hours!
Then I applied for ESTA.

Now I am listening to the seminar which I wanted to join by Zoom.  This is very good.  Without going to Tokyo I can learn what they are talking. To go and come back it takes more than four hours.   So I could save the time.
Thank you.

Friday, July 28, 2017


It was fine and hot.

Since it was the last day of the program we were rather busy.

In the afternoon we went to the University of Tokyo to attend the lecture. This may be the first and last experience of listening to the lecture at the top university in Japan.

The landscape from the main gate was beautiful.The building was elegant and letters were written in the classic style from right to left.There was a big ginkgo tree.

In spite of the premium Friday, I overworked.

On my way home there was an accident on the Keihinkyuko line, and I had to wait at Keikyu Kawasaki for a long time. Then I gave up waiting but decided to transferred transportation service by JR. I took Keihintohoku line up to Yokohama, changed to Yokosuka line up to Kurihama, and change to Keihinkyuko line at Kurihama.
What a long way to go home tonight!

Thursday, July 27, 2017


It was fine.

There were many things to do at office and I overworked.

This morning I was very shocked to find out that there was something wrong with the refrigerator. The light is on, but temperature is not cold and ice was melted. It may be broken at last and it may be the time to buy the new one.
This unexpected event made me throw away many frozen foods. In a sense this was a good time to do danshari (断捨離), literally means cut, discard, and leave. It means cleaning out past accumulation.

I need to do many danshari to live comfortably in near future.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


It was very fine in Tohoku today though it seems heavy rain in Tokyo. The weather changed after passing Fukushima in the evening.

I saw the beautiful sunrise from the hotel room this morning in Miyako.

We visited the Tsunami affected coastal area today. It's been six years since I visited there last. There were many changes since then. I was surprised to see the big seawalls here and there, and accumulated lands. There appeared many new buildings including housing complex, public facilities, and shops & restaurants.
At the same time there were still many  temporary houses and shops too.
Many places were still under construction.

I wish their early recovery.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


It was cloudy and slightly raining.

I had a big breakfast including Sendai speciality, beef and sweets called Zunda Shiratama (ずんだ白玉), white rice cake with green bean paste.

In the morning we learned about 2011Grest East Japan Earthquake and the first response and measures by three lectures.
The building was two years old and very neat. We could observe the Headquarter of Emergency Measures for Akita Heavy Rain.

We stayed at Sendai where is the capital of Miyagi prefecture in the morning and headed for Morioka where is the capital of Iwate prefecture in the afternoon by Shinkansen.

At lunch I ate eel dish because today is "Doyo no ushi no hi (土用の丑の日)" . the Day of the Ox during the hottest period of the summer.

We had another lecture and headed for Miyako. It's been about six years since I came here last. When we came here soon after the Earthquake, there were no signals available, but I felt the progress in many ways.

We had a nice seafood dinner.

Monday, July 24, 2017


It was cloudy.

In the afternoon we visited a univetsity in Urayasu. To my surprise they open their facilities such as tennis courts, gym, sauna, and restaurant to the public therefore they have a big parking lot.

In the evening we took Tohoku Shinkansen to Sendai. At Tokyo station we entered from the Nihonbashi entrance however there was no escalator nor elevator. Since we had a heavy luggage, we got out and went to the north entrance.
I hope every exit has a slope and lift by 2020 of the Tokyo Olympics.

It was almost full in the Shinkansen. When we arrived at Sendai, it seemed to have rained.
At the hotel there was a decoration of Tanabata.
I liked the elevator.


It was cloudy and rainy.

I had a relaxed Sunday.
I went grocery shopping in the afternoon and did some house work.

At night I received two re-delivered goods. One of them includes a tablet and started using it soon.
The other was a gift for a stock holder. I inheritated the right from Father. So whenever I receive these things, I appreciate my father. This one was a catalog gift, and I chose Eiheiji Tofu which I ate early this year when I traveled to Hokuriku.

Today it is a new moon when it is a good time to make a wish list. What kind of wishes do you have now?

Saturday, July 22, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I went to Sakuragicho to attend monthly meetings after a long time and met many people.  It's been a few months since I met them last but I felt it has been much longer than it was.

After the meeting I visited the Iseyama kotai jingu (伊勢山皇大神宮) and Naritasan (成田山) temple after a while. I felt serenity there.

Then I went to Kimino-Style Miya to have a walking lesson.

Finally I went to get a massage.

It was a nice day.

Friday, July 21, 2017


It was fine and very hot.

We had a farewell luncheon for a professor whose term was over and went back to the office he used to belong. We went to the French restaurant where we went before. There were three courses: today's special for yen1000, lunch menu for 1500, and Chef's recommendation for 2800. Today's soecial is a fixed menu and looked nice. Lunch menu has three choices each for appetizer and main dishes. There was gazpacho, Spanish sumner soup of Tomato which I like very much. Therefore I chose it with beef dish. They were delicious.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


It was fine and hot.

After work I went to Shinjuku to see a friend from Osaka who is a publisher. We met each other at the seminar of Mr. Ken Honda or the Golden Life Program for the first time a few years ago. We have met several times at the seminars after that but did not have much time to talk taking time.

I have found a nice place and made a reservation by Internet this morning but there was no confirmation therefore I have been worried if I could book or not.

At seven I arrived there and met my friend aftet a year or so. My booking was valid. It was a 6 dishes course dinner for yen 3000 but using the coupon it was the half price.
Everthing tbere looked attractive include the staff. There were many groups celebrating birthdays.

I was surprised to find many things in common and enjoyed dinner.

It was a nice day.


It was fine and hot.

They say the rainy season is over and it is going to be very hot summer.

In the morning at the station I saw the four small birds in the nest on the clock. The other day I saw two of them.

In the aftetnoon I went to MLIT. Around 5 pm there was an announcement to leave earlier.
Since I went back to the office, I overworked.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


It was fine and hot in the morning.
But it rained heavily in the day time.They said it hailed too.

The program in charge started today. I will be busy for the next two weeks especially next week.

Monday, July 17, 2017


It is a national holiday called Umi no hi (海の日), Marine Day. It used be on July 20, but it has become on the third Monday of July since 2003 to have a longer weekend.

I went to Asagaya (阿佐ヶ谷) again to visit some shrines. There was the Yaegakisai (八重垣祭) festival at Shinmeiguu (新明宮). So I visited there first to get the special red stamps called goshuin (ご朱印) and a specal gold band only sold at a special occasion called Kanmusubi (神むすび) meaning knot with god.

Then I visited  Mabashi inari jinja (馬橋稲荷神社) shrine, and Sarutahiko jinja (猿田彦神社) shrine, and Koenji (高円寺) temple in the area and came back to Shinagawa (品川) to visit Shinagawa jinja (品川神社) shrine.
The aim of visiting these places today was to see the main gate called torii (鳥居). In their gates two dragons were carved. One goes up, the other comes down. There are only three places which have this kind of gate in Tokyo. They are called Tokyo san torii (東京三鳥居), three torii gates in Tokyo. So I visited them all today.

In the evening I watched the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell NoTales" in Yokohama with my colleague to celebrate her birthday.

It was a nice holiday.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I got up early to take baths. The hotel has 9 different baths. I tried 7 of them. The best one is located outside and the view from there was very nice. The only problem is it is a mix bath which means both men and women can take a bath together.
From 8 pm to 10 pm it becomes only for women.
I was not sure if there was someone or not. There were three open air mix baths and for two of them I could take alone. There were two peole at the best one. I thought they were women at first but they might have  been a couple. So I got out in a few minutes.

We left the hotel at 11 am, and headed for Yufuin (湯布院) where I have wanted to go for a long time. It is a famous hotspring place but we only had two hours there. So I walked around the pond called Kinrinko(金鱗湖), then visited suvenir shops and enjoyed shopping.

We went back to Fukuoka and I went to Kushida Shrine again to get the red stamp called Goshuin (ご朱印).

We took 18:35 flight back to Tokyo.I got a window side seat to see the beautiful sunset. We arrived earlier than schedule.

At Haneda Airport two staffs came to see us. What a nice hospitality they serve!

It was a really nice trip.

Thank you for everything.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


It was fine.

I stayed up all night. After eating Ramen at the stand, we came back to the shop, and we went to the box seat before 2:30 am and waited for nearly two hours and a half, then the Yamagasa Festival started at 4:59 am.
They said to get a seat at the box is almost impossible. They were sold out for 15 minutes.

It was really amazing. I liked the first & the last races very much.
After the festival we went to a public bath. There were two types of hot springs.

I met a friend from the 44th Peace Boat Cruise. It's been 13 years since we met last. She has not changed so much. We ate breakfast at a coffee shop seeing the planes coming to the airport. They say the Fukuoka Airport is one of the busiest airports in Japan and we saw airplanes coming every three munites or so.
We visited the first temples of Kyushu eighty eight temples. There was a big statue of the Buddha.

We left Fukuoka for Kurokawa onsen hot spring via the Nabegataki waterfalls. It was one of the waterfalls I wanted to visit because we can walk through the back of the fall.
It was a wonderful experience.

On our way to Kurokawa hotsprings, we saw the remain of the damages from the heavy rain last week.

I walked around the town and found the history of the place and knew that they celebrate May 8 which is the same as my birthday.

Dinner was very rich.

I enjoyed the open air bath which is attached to our room at the detached house.

It was a very nice day.

Friday, July 14, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I took two hours off at lunch time to see my busy friend. We promised to have lunch or dinner but it was hard to set up the date. There is a restaurant where I wanted to go for a few month, but it was too good to go on a weekday when I have only one hour for lunch. So at first I asked for an hour off, but it took a long time to be served. Therefore I asked for two hours off instead. The course meal was so nice that we really enjoyed everthing. Moreover I got a coupon for a half price, we felt happy.
I had many questions to ask her and most of them were answered. There are some more, so I am looking forward to the next time.

Next Monday is a National holiday. Therefore I go to Fukuoka to see the Yamagasa (山笠) Festival which I knew early this year. They say it starts at 4:59 am on July 15. I am very looking forward to seeing it.

After work I went to Haneda Airport directly and took the 19:00 flight arriving at 20:50.
It is hotter and humid here.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I was going to leave the office earlier to receive the goods I ordered yesterday. However in the evening there appeared many things to do and I had to overwork.

Recently I became in charge of national flags with two other staffs. There are  commencements twice in our institution. One of them is in September. Since two third of the students are foreigners this time we need to prepare  more than 50 flags. Three of them were missing and I ordered them.

While checking the list of flags we have, we knew many things about them.
For example, I did not know that there is a country whose national flag has different designs for both sides.

It was very interesting to know new things.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


It was fine and hot.

Yesterday I got a delivery notice. I was not sure if I can come home early tonight but just tried to be delivered at the latest period.

To my lucky I came home earlier than usual and received the re-delivered goods from my friend whose house we visited early this month. At that time we brought a gift for her baby boy born earlier this year.
So this was a return gift called uchiiwai (内祝), family celebration.
It was a towel set in a wooden box. Those hand towels were made in Imabari (今治) where is very famous place for towels. I liked rhe messages to driver of the delivery.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


It was fine and hot.

After work I went to Shinagawa to have dinner with my Expo 2005 friend who came from Nagoya on a business trip.
It's been about 2 years since we met last in Nagoya.

She finished the work at 5 pm and got on Shinkansen and arrived at Shinagawa around 7 pm.

I made a reservation through the coupon site and we enjoyed 6 dishes course dinner for yen 3,500.  All were delicious and I liked the dessert very much.

I asked two other friends, but both were not available unfortunately.
However to our surprise one of them appeared suddenly due to the schedule change and we enjoyed our reunion after two years.

I tried the Passion Test for them and their goals for life became clear.

I had a good time.

Thank you.

Monday, July 10, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I went out for lunch with four colleagues at a Japanese style restaurant where I have been interested in recently. It was a nice one with nice rooms. I ordered ladies' lunch which had a dessert and cost yen 1480.
They have a tea room too. If you order more than yen 25,000 course dinner, they will serve green tea made in the tea room.

There was a leaving and arriving ceremony for directors in the afternoon. They say the changes happen suddenly and they have not been informed at that time of last week yet.

On my way back I visited the Fuji Film Square to see the new exhibitions.

I am glad to leave the office earlier today.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


It was fine and hot.

In the afternoon I went grocery shopping.
Besides this I stayed at home, prepared kimono for this weekend, and cooked for dinner. It's been a long time to have had such a relaxed weekend.

I asked the pickup service to deliver my suitcase to Fukuoka through Internet. It was easy, and they came rather earlier.

It is the fullmoon tonight, and very beautiful.
Mountain lilies bloomed and very beautiful.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I had an appointment at Gaienmae (外苑前) in Tokyo at lunch time with my classmates from Ability Garden where I attended from October 2004 before working at Expo 2005.

Therefore I decided to visit some shrines in Asagaya. I heard about these shrines just two days ago and I felt like visiting there and decided to visit this morning before meeting my friends.
I went to Shinmeigu (神明宮) first, Mahashiinari jinja (馬橋稲荷神社) next, and Sarutahiko jinja (猿田彦神社) third.
All were very nice.

Then I went to attend a luncheon. It's been more than a year since we met each other last. Two of us have changed our jobs since then. We had a course menu of chicken from Kumamoto (熊本) and they were all very delicious.
I was impressed to receive the hot towels of lemon flavour and the welcome message and thank you message of hand writing.
My friend's salary went up at the new company and she treated us.

After lunch we walked around Omotesando (表参道) where there were so many people. We tried to find a tea room but it was very difficult. Finally we entered a famous confectionery shop.

We had a very good time of reunion.

Since it was very close to Meiji jingu (明治神宮) shrine, I visited there too. It's been a long time since I visited there last though I visited there at New Year's every year at my early 20s.

It was a nice day.

Friday, July 7, 2017


It was fine and hot.

July 7 is called tanabata (七夕), star festival, litetally 7th night. This is the day when Altair and Vega meet once in a year across the milkyway. We decorate the bamboo tree with strips of colored paper in which we write wishes.

What kind of wishes do you have?

Usually since it is in the rainy season, it often rains on this day. Therefore this year is exceptional.

We went out for lunch at a very nice Japanese style restaurant.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I took a half day off to attend the seminar of CEO in Kudanshita. It cost yen 1000. He spoke very fast but interesting.

After that I went to eat out with friends. I met three of them for the first time, but it was fun. I knew about the card reading called Kamioueki (神応易) for the first time there.

At night I went to Ikebukuro to attend the monthly meeting for the first time. It cost yen 500. There were five speakers there. I heard about very interesting experiences.

I was lucky to be able to get the last train.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


The typhoon No.3 has gone and it was fine in the morning, but it looks like rained in the afternoon.

In the morning I took an earlier train than usual. After getting at Daimon, I went to JR Hamamatsucho station to buy some tickets to Tohoku area for the business trip in the late July. I could get the ideal seats near other delegation members.

After work I visited the Fuji Film square to see the new exhibitions. I liked the beautiful pictures of Mt. Fuji.

Then I went to Ikebukuro to attend the Economy seminar. It lasted for one hour and a half.

It was another long day.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Happy Birthday to the USA!!

It was cloudy in the morning, but rained in the evening.
They say it rained heavily in Niigata and Nagano according to the noon news.

On my way back there was an accident on the Keikyu Line, and the train was stopped between the stations for a while.  Destinations were changed and I had to give up using the Keikyu line. I changed at Shinagawa station to JR line.

I hope it will be recovered when I get to Kurihama.

Monday, July 3, 2017


It was fine and very hot.

One of the colleagues left the office at the end of June and a new temp staff started working from today. Therefore we had a welcome luncheon.

I chose the pasta set of shrimps and spring vegetable this morning,  however they could not get white shrimps from Toyama prefectur, therefore I changed to the pasta with cod's roe.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


It was cloudy but hot.

I went to Kamiooka to buy a present and a card on my way to visit the house of my ex-colleague who gave a birth this January.

Six of us started working at JICE in the spring of 2009. We had a reunion at her house. At first six of us were getting together, but one of them could not come because of the sickness of her daughter, and the other could not come because of her father's sickness.
After all four of us and three liittle boys got together.
We had a good time.

After that I went to Kimono-Style Miya.

I had dinner with my kimono teacher.

It was a nice day.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


A new month has started. July is Shichigatsu (七月,7月) or Fumizuki (文月) in Japanese.

Usually I go to the nearby shrine on the first day of the month. Since I was on a business trip to Hakodate, I went to Hakodate hachimangu (函館八幡宮) instead.

In the morning I went to the famous morning market called asaichi (朝市). They offered sampling many things. I ate kegani (毛ガニ) crab which was very tasty.
I bought a slice of Yubari melon (夕張メロン) which is very expensive.
I saw someone fishing squid.
I ate seafood bowl for yen 500. It was fun to walk around the market and bargain.

After coming back to the hotel I tried the second breakfast little bit.

We checked out the hotel around 8:30 am and headed for Giryokaku (五稜郭) tower, one of the symbolic sightseeing places in Hakodate. Since I am a member of JAF, I got a special post card. Entrance fee is yen 900. The view from there was very nice. We can learn the history of Edo to Meiji when Japan opened the door to the world after Commodore Perry appeared by the  black ships in 1853.
Unfortunately we did not have enough time to walk around the park.

Next we went to Tachimachimisaki (立待岬), the tip of the peninsula. There was fog and we could not see the Aomori prefecture. The movement of fog and clouds was interesting.

Then we visited the shrine and the church.
We went to the famous slope called Hachimanzaka (八幡坂) where the films were often shot.

We ate another softcream. Every day we ate softcream which is very rare in my daily life. Today I chose the mix of melon and milk. I liked the first day's one at the monastery the best.

We went to the bay area and enjoyed shopping.

We went to the Shin Hakodate Hokuto station to get the shinkansen Hayabusa back to Tokyo. It took about four hours and a half.

It took four hours from Sapporo to Hakodate, and four hours and a half from Hakodate to Tokyo by bullet train. How big Hokkaido is!

We have been blessed with fine weather for four days and had a fruitful business trip.

I went back to the office to leave PC and documents which are very heavy and did some work.

Friday, June 30, 2017


It was fine.

The end of June, that is, half of 2017 is over. How was your half year?
Mine was very nice to have started learning new things, met new people, and been to USA and Europe.

Today we went to Yakumo town where is the only town faces both the Pacific ocean and the Japan sea.

We visited the city hall, the primary school, lunch center, resource center, and the panorama park.

At night we had a dinner party.

It was a nice day.

Thursday, June 29, 2017


It was fine.

In the morning we visited Hakodate City Hall and in the afternoon Hokuto City Hall.

We ate very delicious lunch at the famous seafood restaurant near the port.

After work we visited the Trappist Monastery, and I went up to the Lourdes cave too.
It has a nice view.
We ate softcream which was delicious.

At night we enjoyed delicious local foods with local sake.

Then we took the tour to see the night view from Mt.Hakodate, 334 meters high which is one of the three most beautiful night view spots in the world.The other two are Hong Kong and Naples.

It was a very nice day.


It was raining this morning.

I left home earlier than usual to go to the Haneda airport to get on the 9:30 flight to Sapporo.
It has been a while since I went to Hokkaido, where is located in the northern part of Japan, last.  They have a variety of delicious foods which I am very looking forward to tasting.

At the airport I tried the automated baggage checkin machine for the first time which was very interesting. They said they introduced them about two years ago. I used the domestic flights last year but have never noticed them before. Is this because of the difference of ANA and JAL?

The view from the plane was very nice, the day 5 moon in the blue sky, white snow-like clouds, green and brown grounds, white coastal line, white cotton-candy-like clouds, and blue ocean.

When I was a primary school student, how I wished to be a flight attendant.

We arrived at Shin-Chitose earlier than schedule and took the train to Saporo. There were ticket holders at each seat which I have never seen.

At Sapporo we ate ramen.

We visited the Hokkaido prefecture government for two hours.

Then we headed for Hakodate by train. It took about four hours to get to Hakodate so that we ate supper in the train.

It was a long day.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


It was slightly raining in the morning, but to my lucky I did not use the umbrella.
I took more than 30 minutes earlier train than usual.
However when I got to Shinagawa, all the trains stopped due to the signal check in Oshiage. I chose to use JR up to Hamamatsu-cho and walked to Daimon.
There were so many people at Shinagawa station.

After all I got to the office almost the same time as usual. So disappointing.

At Tokyo Midtown they are having Mid Day Week Events from June 23 to July 2.
July 2 is the mid day of the year. I will go to Hokkaido from tomorrow to July 1. When I come next time, it will be already over.

I had two meetings and got many things done at work.
At the meeting I was surprised to hear about our colleagues' sudden life change events. One will go to New York to accompany with her husband. The other had to give up studying abroad due to mother's sickness.
There are something we cannot do by ourselves.

There was an invitation email for two museums for 9 staffs. To my lucky I became the one.

Monday, June 26, 2017


It was slightly raining in the morning but became fine.

In the evening I had an appointment at Roppongi station where I use every day. There are two lines, Oedo Line and Hibiya Line. She was going to come from Shinagawa where I usually do. Therefore I sent the way to come from Shinagawa to Roppongi with some pictures. She was very glad to get my information. So I became happy too.

From today the program in charge started and it lasts for two weeks. Usually I become very busy for these two weeks during tve program but this time I will be busy for the first week only.

This week I will go to Hokkaido for four days. It has been a long time since I went there last. We will visit the southern part this time.

There are many delicious foods there such as crab, prawn, squid, scallop, salmon, herring, salmon roe, sea urchin, and so on. I am looking forward to visiting Hokkaido soon.