Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The last day of September.  That means three fourths of 2014 have already passed. 
Since schools in Japan starts in April, half of the school year was over.
It was fine and warm today.
On October 1 is known as koromogae (衣替え), changing clothes, and students wear the jacket as uniform.  But it seems we still have  some hot days this week.

Monday, September 29, 2014


It was another beautiful day.

Today a new NHK's TV story drama which is broadcast from 8:00 AM and rebroadcast from 12:45 for 15 minutes started.
This is a story about an international marriage couple between Japanese man and Scottish woman.  Its title is Massan (マッサン), which is a nickname of the hero.

Since I went out for lunch today to celebrate colleague's birthday, I missed watching it at lunch time, so I saw the recorded one at home tonight.

I am looking forward to watching it at lunch time.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


It was fine.

I went to grocery shopping in the morning. While shopping, I asked the car dealer to check my car.  Unfortunately the car shop will move to other location in October and it will be a little bit inconvenient for me.
After coming back I ate lunch and went to Yoga lesson and training in the afternoon.
There was a visitor in the evening.

It was senshuraku (千秋楽) of akibasho (秋場所), the last day of the September grand sumo tournament.  Yokozuna Hakuo (横綱白鵬) became a champion.  This is his 31st victory which is the 2nd tie record in Sumo history.  Congratulation!

Another big news these days is the eruption of Ontakesan (御嶽山) in Kiso (木曽). 
There are many natural disasters this year.


It was fine.

I went to a university in Kamata to attend an explanation meeting for Saudi Arabian students to study in Japan.  There were about 30 booths of universities in Japan which welcome international students.
Yesterday there was an announcement of 37 Super Global Universities.  Most of them attended today.

After talking with students session, there was an reception.  I enjoyed their food.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


It was a beautiful autumn day.
In the morning I went to Ginza to visit a kimono shop with graduate school students.  This was the first time for me to visit there.  We could listen to the talk of the shop owner and see many valuable items.  We are very surprised to see the most expensive cloth which costs yen 47,000,000 made by the living national treasure.  Can you believe the price?  If you have such amount of money, you would be able to buy even a house.  However if you listen to the story, you will understand why it costs so much.
Kimono is really nice Japanese traditional costume.  Therefore I would like many people to know about kimono.

Friday, September 26, 2014


It was rainy in the morning, then rained heavily with strong wind in the afternoon, maybe because of the influence of typhoon.

I sent some private emails from the smart phone and business emails from PC.  Some people reply soon after I sent them, others don't reply in spite of my waiting.  I know I do the same, but I hope to reply as soon as possible to make things easier and faster.

There were many things to do today and I overworked for more than three hours and came home nearly midnight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It was fine in the morning, but rained heavily in the evening.  I was lucky not to get wet today too.

My commuting train was delayed this morning due to the signal check.  Since I took a day off yesterday because of a national holiday, there were so many things to do today.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


It is a national holiday called shubun no hi (秋分の日), the Autumn Equinox Day.  It was a fine Autumn day. 

There was a visitor in the morning.  After that my father and I went to my mother's grave.  There were so many people visiting their ancestor's graves, and I could not park at first.  This was the first time for me not to be able to park.  On our way back, the road to go to graveyard was so crowded that I felt lucky we went there earlier.


It was fine but seemed to have rained at night while I was working.
There were many things to do at work today so I overworked without noticing it.  When I went out, the road was wet. I felt I am lucky not to get wet.

There are many things to do at home too so I am glad tomorrow is a national holiday.

Monday, September 22, 2014


It was a fine, beautiful autumn weather Sunday.

I went to Yokohama to join the wearing kimono lesson.  This is a ten class complimentary course offered by Kimono-Style Miya.  There is a lesson once in a month on Sunday for two hours and it takes 10 months to finish.  And at the last lesson we wear the kimono by ourselves and go out for dinner.  There were two classes today, from 11 am and 1 pm.  I took the morning class and there were 3 pupils today.  Since I have already learned how to wear kimono when I was young, I asked the instructor to teach me arranged ways of tying sash.  The first lesson is yukata (浴衣), summer casual kimono.  The sash is different from the regular kimono, and its width is about the half of regular one.  I learned two different ways to tie it.
After the class I went out for lunch for Japanese noodle, called soba (蕎麦).  There is a famous dish called Fujisan mori (富士山盛), which is about 1000g soba piled like the Mt. Fuji. The regular size is about 320g of soba, they say.
While I was studying at the course last year in Yokohama, many classmates often talked about Fujisan mori, I wanted to see it by all means.  I know I cannot eat it by myself so I went there with my friend.
After that we went to see a movie.  It was a Japanese movie titled "Shijyuku nichi no reshipi (四十九日のレシピ)" meaning the Recipe for the 49th Day Death Anniversary Ceremony.  It was a nice one.

After coming back I went to grocery shopping.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


It was rainy.

I went to work today.  This was the first time to work on Saturday since I started working in April.

After work I went to Yokohama to get massage.  I was surprised to see one of my friends there.  I try to go there once a month.  It takes for  about 2 hours and costs yen 8,000.
 Then I went to Kamioooka to buy a book recommended the man next to me last night.   It was a nice day.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


It was fine.
There was the matriculation ceremony for three graduate school students at the church.  This was the first time for me to attend this kind of formal event.  It lasted for about half an hour and was very impressive, especially the formal wear, pipe organ music, the choir, and messages. 
After work I went to attend Mr. Ken Honda's lecture with my friend. This was a commemorative lecture of his books of six million selling.
It's been three months since I went to his last lecture.  To our surprise he prepared a rose for each one of audience. I am so glad to get the one.  The person next to me came from Iwate. We enjoyed talking a lot.

Friday, September 19, 2014


It was fine.

There were many things to do today which included some new things.
In the afternoon I happened to see an interpreter whom I have worked with before in 2011.  It is nice to see old friends.
I met three new people from Africa.  It's been 10 years since I visited Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Namibia by Peace Boat.  It is nice to talk about travel experiences with native people.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


It was fine.

As I wrote yesterday,  there was a big earthquake at lunch time and there was no rebroadcast of NHK's morning drama at that time.   Today instead they rebroadcast two episodes, one for yesterday and one for today.  The ending of the story is nearing.
And they have started to promote the next story which will start at the end of September.  It is a story of mixed marriage couple of Japanese man who went to Scotland to learn how to make whisky and Scottish woman.   I have been interested in international marriage.  So it must be interesting too.
Speaking of Scotland we have been wondering what will be the referendum this weekend.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It was fine.
After the three day weekend, I was rather busy today.
At lunch time there were rather big earthquakes.  Usually I watch NHK 's morning drama's rebroadcast at my lunchtime, but the earthquake related news continued and I did not have a chance to see it at that time.  When I came home, I watched the recorded one.

Monday, September 15, 2014


It was a national holiday called keiro no hi (敬老の日), Respect-for-the Aged Day.  It used to be on September 15, but it's been changed to the third Monday of September since 2003.  This year it happened to fall on September 15.

The population of more than 65 years old people in Japan reached 32.96 million (14.21 million for men, 18.75 million for women) which is about 25.9% of all population.  The population of more than 75 years old reached 15.9 million which is 12.5 %.  That is one eighths is 75 years old in Japan.

Today I went to Tokyo to attend a Science Seminar via Yokosuka to do some errands.  There were two lecturers who are doctors and seven people who talked their own experience.  It was a nice one.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


It was very fine and hot.  This is the middle of three day weekend.

I went grocery shopping in the morning.  Unfortunately I left behind the point card at home, so I felt disappointed.

After coming home, I ate lunch and went to Yoga lesson for an hour and machine training for 2 hours in the afternoon.

2014 September Grand Sumo Tournament has begun.
I have just watched the news of Ms. Caroline Kennedy, US Ambassador to Japan, attended Tour de Tohoku 2014 for 60km.



It was fine.

The three days weekend has begun.
I went to Shinjuku to attend a monthly meeting.  After that I had lunch with friends.
Then I went to Yokohama to pick up the Kimono after cleaning, and I visited another shop.

I came home later than expected.  There was a TV program I should watch, but while watching, I fell asleep.

They say today even in Japan there is a chance to see the northern lights.  How nice if I could see it!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


It was fine.

After work I went to attend a meeting.  There were about 20 participants.  I could hear many interesting stories.  It's been a while since I met some of then, so it was nice to hear their recent condition.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


It was rainy.  Today is nihyku hatsuka (二百二十日), 220th day since risshun (立春), the first day of spring.
In Hokkaido it rained very heavily and many people had to evacuate.
This summer climate in Japan is very strange.  Maybe it is not only Japan, but also other regions.

September 11.  It's been thirteen years since that tragedy in the USA, and three years and a half since the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. How has your life been changed since then?



It was fine in the morning, but rained heavily in the evening.  They say it rained really heavily in a certain area and it was news.

Today I got a card from the USA.  It was a message to say "Hello."  I used to write letters and cards, and liked to buy beautiful stamps but these days I usually write emails because it is fast and easy.  So this was a kind of happy surprise. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It was rainy in the morning.  But it became fine and I could see the beautiful Super moon tonight.

This morning there was the final of US Open Tennis Championship games.  Unfortunately our Kei Nishikori has lost.  Marin Cilic and Kei Nishikori have played for 7 times before and Nishikori has won for 5 times.  Therefore we expected him to be a champion at this grand slam but he lost straight.
The result was not good, but this was the record for Japanese tennis players. 
I hope someday he will become a champion.

September 9 is choyo (重陽), one of the seasonal festivals such as January 7, March 3, May 5, and July 7. Odd numbers are positive, and even numbers are negative.  Nine is the biggest odd number and September 9 is double nine.  Choyo literally means piling positive or double positive.  It is celebrated with chrysanthemum.

Monday, September 8, 2014


It was a cool rainy day.

Since today is jyugoya (十五夜), literally the fifteenth night, which is August 15 of the lunar calendar, and it is the day to view the harvest moon.  I expected it would be fine, but it has been raining.

Today is hakuro (白露), one of nijyushisekki (二十四節季), the 24 solar terms.  The last one was shosho (処暑) on August 23, and the next one is shubun (秋分) on September 23. Hakuro literally means white dew.


Sunday, September 7, 2014


It was a cool rainy day.  The second day of the local shrine festival.

I went to grocery shopping in the morning. Then I went to Yoga lesson for an hour and two hours training in the afternoon.

There came a service person of water purifier which has had something wrong for a week or so.

I was going to see the local festival but did not after all.

Today's big news was US Open Tennis.  Kei Nishikori won the semi-final.  This is the first record for Japanese to go on to the semi-final at the Grand slam.  All of us wish him to be a champion.


It was fine and hot.
There was a festival of the local shrine.
Since I am a representative of my area, I went to help preparing for the foods and drink for those who parade with a portable shrine called omikoshi (お神輿).
At night there was karaoke contest. One of my friends from primary school sang a song as a representative of our area.  I happened to see another friend from primary school too. It's been so many years since I met her last.
And it's been so many years since I came to the festival itself too.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


It was fine and hot today.
I went out for lunch at a nearby French Restaurant. There were three courses at lunch time, yen 1900, yen 2800, and yen 4500.  I tried the middle, and they were very delicious.
After work I went to Ueno to see the special exhibition of Ancient Egyptian Queens and Goddesses, Treasures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.  On Fridays they open till 21:00 which is very nice.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


It was fine and hot.

I took a day off to take my father to hospital for once a month checkup.  There were so many patients and it took all morning.

After coming back home, I went to tea lesson.  Since I started working in May, I have stopped going to the lesson.  However once a month I take my father to hospital on Thursday morning.  So I decided to practice tea ceremony once a month when I take a day off for my father.  Even only once, it is better than nothing.  Practice makes perfect.
Today's sweet looked like chrysanthemum.

I like the phrase "issekinicho (一石二鳥)", literally one stone two birds, which means to kill two birds with one stone.

Today's big news was Kei Nishikori became the best 4 at the US Open.  They say it's been 96 years since Japanese men became the best 4 at the Grand Slam.  Congratulations!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


It was fine.

Today I watched a news of elephant's 1st year birthday.  I hear there is an elephant which can draw pictures.  It wrote the kanji word "祝” which means celebration by its trunk with brush.
I also watched the news of the partner dog helping physically challenged people.

The other day I watched YouTube which showed the Gorilla's understanding language.

Those are very impressive examples that show the ability of animals.

The other day there was a crime that the criminal stabbed the knife into abdomen of the Seeing Eye dog.  I hope the criminal will be arrested soon.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


It was fine.  The length of sun shining today was 10 hours and 20 minutes in Tokyo, which was after 11 days or so.  I could see the beautiful Mt. Fuji in the morning.

I have just watched the sports news and known that Japanese tennis player Kei Nishikori (錦織圭) won the game after four hours or so and has become the best 8 at US Open.  They say it has been 92 years for Japanese men to get that position.  I feel lucky to have seen his first championship game in Delray Beach in February 2008.
And a Japanese tennis player Kimiko Date-Krumm also won the game and became the best 8 for doubles.  They say it has been 22 years for Japanese women got that position.

Today there were other good world news.  A Japanese movie "Fushigina misaki no monogatari (ふしぎな岬の物語): A story of mysterious cape" produced by a Japanese popular actress Sayuri Yoshinaga (吉永小百合) received the Special Grand Prix of the jury.  And a director O Mipo (呉美保) received the best director award.  Congratulations!

Monday, September 1, 2014


A new month has started.  September is kugatsu (九月), its old name is nagatsuki (長月) in Japan.  Nagatsuki literally means long month; the night becomes longer.

I took a day off to attend community work and meeting.  There will be a festival of the shrine this weekend therefore we cleaned around the shrine by weeding.  It was raining but we started from 8 in the morning.  After coming home I weeded around my house too which I have not done for a very long time because we ask the gardeners to do so.

At noon we had a representative meeting for an hour or so about the festival.

September 1 is known as bosai no hi (防災の日), Day of Disaster Prevention.  91 years ago there was the big earthquake in the Kanto area.