Wednesday, May 31, 2017


It was fine and hot.

It is already the end of May. How was it?
Mine was very fruitful starting in Spain.
I had good times in Spain remembering 25 years ago. Some people looked the same, but others looked changed a lot. In spite of not seeing such a long time, we felt as if we were together all the time.

I had renewed my driver's license card on my birthday, settled all the inheritance procedures.

I learned Reiki I & II and Dream Map. I started learning by Webinar for two days in a week.

I got new kimonos.

At work I was rather busy for the past 10 days attending the program in charge and overworked for two hours almost every day.

I have many appointments next month too.

I am glad that I am fine and enjoying everyday life.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I was rather busy today.

There was a lecture in the morning.

After that we went out for lunch at a nearby shabu shabu restaurant.

In the afternoon we went to Koshigaya Lake Town for the site visit by bus.
It took about one hour and 20 minutes.
They say there are 50 million visitors per year that is more people than Tokyo Disneyland which has about 30 million.
There are 700 shops and 500 out of them are always changing according to the achivement.
The spacious parking lot is their advantage because 80% people come there by car.
The speed of the escalator to up and down is different. The one going down is slower because even in case of emergency elder people can bear by themselves.

We learned many things.

On our way back it took another one hour and 20 minutes.

That is I was in the train or bus more than 8 hours today which is one third of the day.

Monday, May 29, 2017


It was fine and warm.

I was rather busy today.

At lunch time we had a farewell luncheon for a professor  who will leave our institution at the end of this month.
There were salad, soup, main dish, and herb tea for yen1080. There was no rice nor bread which made total calorie very low.
Since we took the private room it was a nice gathering.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


It was fine.

I went to massage in the morning after a month or so. Since I do not exercise daily, my body was so stiff that the massager recommended me to do some exercise at least to move shoulder and arms.

Then I went to Kimono-Style Miya to be a kimono model. I wore two kimonos today. Both were Oshima tsumugi (大島紬). One is casual, the other is formal with beautiful embroidery called Swatow.
Hair styles were also changed to match each kimono respectively.

After the second session, I was invited to tea.

It was a nice day.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


It was fine and beautiful.

I went to Shinjuku to attend the #1 New York Times best selling author, Robert Allen's special lecture about creating wealth in the afternoon and evening.
Afternoon session was held from 13:00 to 18:00 at a rather small meeting room. Since I arrived early I could get the front seat.
This was the second time for me to see him directly.
His talk was very interesting, attractive, informative, and energetic. We learned a lot.
To my lucky I could talk with him, get his autograph, and take a picture with him.

He talked about four ways of getting multiple incomes: Real Estate, Information Marketing, Internet, and Direct Sales.
He talked mainly about the mindset of how you persuade yourself. Clear image of what you want is important.

After the first session I had supper with two participants related to Aich prefecture. Here again there is a law of attraction.

In the evening session I could sit in the front seat again.
There were 5 lessons regarding "To decide."
There I got a 1000000 dollar bill. After the lecture I asked him another autograph and pictures. He was very kind and answered my questions and requests willingly.

It was a nice day.

Friday, May 26, 2017


It was a rainy day.

My train delayed because of rain and other reason.
When I arrived at the entrance, there was a long line waiting for the registration so that I decided to use the other entrance where was also crowded because of a big conference or something. Fortunately I was in time.

Since today is Premium Friday, there were announcements from HR division to encourage to leave the office earlier for three times today at MLIT.
Usually at the end of month, businessmen are very busy so that for most people I guess it is difficult to leave earlier. I myself went back to the office and overworked till 8 pm or so.


Thursday, May 25, 2017


It was cloudy but hot again on the contrary to the weather forecast which said it would be cooler.

We have visited three high rise buildings
which had a very nice view of Tokyo.
One of them is a tower condominium near the JR station, and is still under construction. The room cost is from yen 50,000,000 to yen 500,000,000. But to our surprize they say they were all sold out in a few days. Who can buy such an expensive place!?

The other one is at the coast area, and it's been 10 years since the completion. There was a restaurant on the top floor and the view was very nice. The night view must be more beautiful.
If you have a family or friend, you can go to the restaurant and have a private party at a special room.

I have never thought of living in a high rise building, but if I have a chance, I want to have the room in those places too.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


It was cloudy but hot today.

I was very busy for helping, preparing, and visiting the Legal Affairs Bureau, checking emails, forwarding some of them, printing many documents, and coping them for tomorrow.

Both our office and Legal Bureau are located in Tokyo, but it took 30 minutes by car.
It must be about the same time if we use the subway because we need to walk to and from the station.

Tokyo is rather big, isn't it?

Tomorrow we visit four places.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


It was fine and very hot again.

I went to Kasumigaseki today to attend lectures. The floor I have thought the first floor was not the first floor but the B1 floor.

One of the lectures about the Ministry was very interesting because the lecturer    showed his CV as one of the career paths for the generalist. They say usually they are transferred to the next position after two years.

After three lectures I go back to the office in the evening.

Then I went to the seminar of Reiki. I wanted to invite some friends but everyone was busy and I attended by myself. It is always informative and fun at the same time.

I have become friends with three ladies by Facebook. They seem to have something in common.

Monday, May 22, 2017


It was fine and very hot like summer.

From today the program in charge started. This will last for two weeks.

In the late afternoon we attended the open lecture about the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Mission of Japan.
After experienceing such a big disaster, it is very important to record what happened exactly and how we faced and dealt with that. The lecturer said the document book is available from Internet for free of charge.
I hope to read it someday near future.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


It was fine.

I was going to get up early, but could not, and decided to get rest as long as I want to.

In the afternoon I went grocery shopping after a long time.

I revised the dream map I made yesterday.

I cooked dinner after a long time.

Today I got a message from Ms.Janet Attwood of the Passion Test. Yesterday I met a mutual friend of Mr.Toyokazu Tsuruta who introduced the Passion Test in Japan. Last night  I was just talking about the book of Passion Test with my Spanish best friend. I feel the law of attraction.

It was a nice Sunday.

Saturday, May 20, 2017


It was fine.

I stayed up late last night until 3 am or so but was able to get up early, and left home early to go to Takanawadai to attend One-day Dream Map Seminar.

I have known about it since July 2009 but never made it before.
I have noticed the effectiveness of Dream Map, but never felt like making it until now.

Since last March I have had many connections with lecturer's family and decided to come to the seminar.

My goal has been to be a bridge between Japan and foreign countries to introduce mutual cultures to contribute for the world peace.  One of the measures is publishing books. I published "Florida Report 2006-2008 JOI Experience America This and That " in 2012 in Japanese. I want to write about Europe, Central & South America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia in Japanese, English and Spanish.
I want to travel around the world by first class and luxuarious around the world cruise. So I have chosen many places and I realized that I want to see the world natural beauties, especially waterfalls. I knew about it. But it became very clear by using pictures.

After lunch there was a group work called
Group Magnetize which was really impressive. I talked about my dreams and my group members encouraged me. I was  shedding tears without knowing by feeling supported by them.  When my group members talked about their dreams, the same things happened.  Even they are not my dreams, tears came out from my eyes. It was an unexpected experience.

I felt to have clear goals makes it easier to come true.

I enjoyed the seminar.

After that I went to a kimono shop. They have a special sales event.  I tried to grasp gold coin shaped chocolates out of the box. The total amount of chocolate weighed  within the set amount, therefore I got a special present. What is more there was a small blue superball which meant another present. I felt very lucky. The special present is a postcard of the owl picture which the artist drew in front of me using my name Kimiko in hiragana character. It was amazing. This is called iyashie (癒し絵) healing picture. I am very glad to have watched him drawing.

Another good thing was I got a video call from my Spanish best friend whom I tried "Passion Test" while I was in Spain. Today he happened to start reading the book of passion test without knowing about it. We have had many things in common, and felt strong connection.

It was a good day.

Friday, May 19, 2017


It was fine.

Yesterday I read an article about Roppongi Midtown where I pass every day on my way to the office. I have not known the concept of the Midtown until that time. Therefore today in the morning when I walked through, I realized what I did not notice by that time.
Human consciousness is interesting, isn't it?

Today was the renewal open day of the supermarket in Midtown.
The layout has been changed, and I did not find what I wanted soon.
The first 100 people who bought more than yen 2000 got a small gift but I did not buy that much.

There were many things to do today at work because the program in charge will start from next Monday. So I could not go to the places I wanted to go after work.
Instead I came back to Shinagawa with a colleague. There were two advertisement of Rose Garden Fair until the end of this month. I feel like to visit there if possible.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


It was cloudy and a bit cool when I left home in the morning.
During the daytime it rained heavily with thunders.
In the late afternoon the sun appeared.
Strange weather, isn't it?

Today I received the goods I ordered through Internet the other day. There were three goods. One is a present for the professor leaving at the end of May. If we order goods up to the certain amount, they cover the shipping fee which is about $5, so I decided to add something I have wanted to buy someday to save the shipping fee. I asked the gift wrapping, but they were only wrapped by the paper and  there were no ribbons, so I'd better find something.

To my wonder the price is cheaper when I order through Internet than buy at the shop.

In a few years many professions will be disappeared.
We need to think about the work which will never be replaced by machines.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


It was cloudy and chilly.

I went out for lunch with a co-worker whose term will be over at the end of this month.
We sat in front at the welcome & farewell party of our department in early March, but since our jobs are not related we did not have a chance to talk each other so much. From the next week I will be busy to attend a program for two weeks.  So we decided to go out today.
I proposed two places where my other co-worker recommended before and I have not visited yet. She has been to one of them, so we went to the other one.

It is about 6 minutes walk from our office, and is located in the residential area of Nishi-Azabu, therefore it was very calm and I could not believe.  It is a Japanese style restaurant. We sat at the counter where we could see small garden and cooking utensils. We ordered the same menu which includes salada, egg dish, kelp, fried chicken with sauce, rice, miso soup, dessert, and Iced coffee or tea.  It cost yen 1100.  They were delicious and reasonable.

Since they have three private rooms, I want to use there when I need to arrange luncheon up to 10 people.

I thought somebody's recommendation is worth trying.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


It was cloudy.

In the morning I made two onigiri (おにぎり), the rice ball for lunch. Ingredients were dried plum and salmon flake.
Usually I buy salad, sandwich, and dessert for lunch at a supermarket on my way to the office. I was going to buy something today too but unfortunately it was closed because of renovation. So I gave up buying addtional dishes and ate onigiri, miso soup and sweets of Myanmar.  Yesterday I got sweets of Sri Lank.

To be able to taste foreign foods is one of the benefits I am enjoying at my work.

Monday, May 15, 2017


It was cloudy.

I went to nearby shrine before getting on the train and another near the office before going to the office.

After work I visited the Fuji Film square after a while. There was my favorite type of exhibition related water. They were beautiful. I like pictures of natural beauty.

Then I went to Shinjuku to have dinner with my American host father who has come to Japan on a business trip for two weeks or so. I got the wrong exit at the Shinjuku station, and had to walk longer than expected.
We knew we would get together sometime this week but have not decided yet until this morning. So I did not have enough time to choose the proper restsurant beforehand and I asked the hotel  concierge to recommend us some sushi restaurants. She selected four of them and we visited two of them.
There was a waiting line for the first one. The other was very fancy and very expensive. So we decided to go to my favorite one after all. It was a crab restaurant. Usually on Fridays without booking it is very hard to enter. Fortunately today is Monday and we can enter without waiting.
There was a live koto (琴) music on the stage.
We shared the course dinner and added one more special offered dish and drinks.  They included boild three types of crabs, raw crab, hotpot, gratin, sushi, clear soup, and dessert. All were good.
I was going to treat him but he treated me.

He liked the special goods to take out the crab meat, and bought them for souvenir.
He noticed the difference of costumes of waitresses. So I asked the diiference. They said on the job training waitresses wear two-part kimono, and qualified waitresses wear the regular one.
He said the way of Japanese payment without tips was better.

We had a good time.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


It was cloudy.

The second Sunday of May is Mother's Day in Japan. I think it is the same as the United States. In Spain it was last Sunday.
Happy Mother's Day!!

It has been 15 years since my mother passed away.

I went to learn Reiki second degree which made us possible to heal the person beyond the distance.

How I wished if my mother was still alive!

Saturday, May 13, 2017


It was a rainy day.

I went to Takanawadai to learn Reiki first degree.
It started from 10 am and ended 6:30  pm or so followed by tea party.
About 26 people attended.
We were divided into 5 groups and got attunement 4 times individually.  While waiting for one's turn, there were many group works including Reiki marathon.
While practicing we introduced ourselves. One of them had an "Out-of-body-experience" when he was hit by the baseball on the head. In addition to that he experienced many almost dying experiences. Therefore we were all astonished. Inspite of these hard experiences, he said he appreciated all the experiences and that everything had meaning.

We had lunch by groups.

In the afternoon we practiced Reiki by pairs. I did first. After the praitice, my partner said "I felt good" so I was a bit surprised because I just put my hands on the assigned places.
When I was done, I felt good too and fell asleep. After that my group member said "Your eyes look bigger than before as if you have just been to the beauty salon."

We all enjoyed the course.

Most of them will attend the Reiki second degree tomorrow. It must be fun.

After the lesson I went to the Ikebukuro Library of Rikkyo University where has an exhibition of "One Book for Experiencing Abroad" in which my book is included.
Thank you for choosing.

Friday, May 12, 2017


It was fine and hot.

After work I had a farewell & welcome dinner party with the program related people.

I tried to find a restaurant in Ginza area, but I could not decide the proper one.

Recently I got a coupon email which had  a very attractive restaurant offering 51% off menu from nearly yen 8000. Therefore I decided to try that luxuarious sea urchin course i Roppongi. We needed to order at least one drink. They have "All you can drink menu" for yen 2000 but they don't include Japanese sake which matches to the dishes. Therefore we decided to choose the drinks from the regular menu.

After booking, I checked other coupon sites which offer the same course with drinks for cheaper price.

So I tried to negotiate but they insisted the contents are different and if we order the same menu from the other coupon site it will cost addtionally more than yen 2000.
The foods were nice and at the checking they gave me the coupon for yen 5000 course to yen 3000. At the restroom they posted if you post to SNS for good comments, you can get cashback for yen 500.

I felt from the beginning the set price was not the right one.
What do you think?

Thursday, May 11, 2017


It was fine and rather hot today.

In the night I saw the beautiful full moon.

Last night I heard the Webinar of Robert Allen, the No.1 best seller writer in the USA for an hour.
He talked about the three questions, regarding time, people, and action.
When is the most important time?
Who are  the most important people?
What is the most important action?
He told us to give first to gain what we want.
What can we give? We can give time, attention, interest, advice, help, support, which are all concerned to love.

Tonight I listened to the Webinar of Internet Marketing.
To buy cheap then to sell expensive is the rule of making money. Most sold goods online are clothes, shoes, and foods. So if you buy these things cheap in Asia and sell online, you can make money.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


It was slightly raining inthe daytime,but became fine and I could see the beautiful moon tonight.

Today is my mother's 15th dead anniversary.
When I went to Spain to celebrate our 10th birthday with my Spanish best friend in 2002,  I used the Turkish Airline. On my way back to Istanbul, I got a message at the reception of the hotel to call home. My brother told me that my mother died.  There were only few flights in a week  between Japan and Istanbul at that time.  My ticket was not changeable so I bought a normal ticket to back home.
The time I had to wait until my changed flight was rather long, so walked around the city, but I just remember I was there but I don't remember what I saw.
So someday I hope to be back to Turkey to sightsee here and there.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


It was cloudy.

Today was the first day after 11 days vacation.
Not only myself but also many people have traveled during the Golden Week, there were many souvenirs.

In addition to that some colleagues remembered my birthday and gave me presents.
When I got home, I received birthday card, DVD, and a postcard from Santorini, Greece. Since I posted on May 1, it took 8 days. Not so bad.

On my way home, I listened to ISD Web seminar which was very interesting.

Monday, May 8, 2017


Happy Birthday to Me!!

Thank you, everyone, for thinking of me and taking time to send messages to me on this special day for me.  I will reply one by one taking time later, so please wait for a while.

It was fine and rather hot and windy today.

I took a day off, which was really nice.  There were many things I could do.

First the maintenance person for the storage battery came to visit for checking in the morning. Second my suit case was finally delivered.
Then I went out.  First to the nearby shrine to thank you for the safe trip to Europe.  Second to the police station to renew the driver's license.  After paper work I watched a Video for 30 minutes and listened to the lecture.  Third to buy flowers to visit my parents graveyard, and cake and sushi for myself.  Fourth to the graveyard of my parents to report my trip abroad and my birthday.  Fifth to the bank to transfer inheritance money to my brother and to pay the fixed property tax. Sixth to the station to buy a commuter ticket for six months.  Seventh to come back home to clear kimono, to eat dinner, to pay the auto tax by Internet, to input housekeeping book, to write 10 years' diary during the trip, and so on.

This year's most memorable event of today is the start of the exhibition of my book "Florida Report 2006-2008" at the Ikebukuro Library of Rikkyo University where I worked from 2014 to 2016.  They have a special exhibition to encourage students to go abroad from today. And the librarian chose my book to exhibit.  Since today is the 5th year anniversary of my book publishing, I am so glad and honored about this event.
Thank you very much.


Sunday, May 7, 2017


It was cloudy and fine.

Today is the last day of the Golden Week for many people.

I slept a lot after the long trip.

After all I decided not go out today and washed winter clothings.

I saw the beautiful sunset tonight.

I received the things I ordered before,
which I wanted to get before going abroad because they were supposed to be birthday presents for my friend and myself...

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Today is a moving day for me.

I left Istanbul at 1:25 am and arrived at Beijing after nearly 9 hours.
At the Beijing I did not know where to get the boarding pass for Japan and wasted time.
I could manage to get on the plane in time.

I arrived at Haneda around 9:30 pm. I waited at the turn table but my suit case did not show up. While claiming the procedure my last train was gone.
I can only go to Kanazawabunko and need to take a taxi which would cost more than $100.

I was thinking to ask the delivery for nothing by using the credit card. But I did not have to do so. I hope it will be delivered soon.


Today is a national holiday called kodomo no hi(こどもの日), Children's Day. Those whose family have boys decorate koinobori (鯉のぼり), carp-shaped streamer and kabuto (兜), samurai costume and eat chimaki(粽) and kashiwamichi (柏餅), rice cakes.

Today I left Malaga and arrived at Istanbul.

My next flight is to Beijing at 1:25 am.

So I am now waiting at the lounge.

Friday, May 5, 2017


It was cloudy but became fine.

May 4 is a national holiday in Japan

We left my friend's mother' place in the morning and arrived at Granada around 2:30 pm.
First we ate lunch at the bar. There if you order one drink, you can get one tapas for 2.30 euro.  Isn't it nice?

We met our mutual friends.  One is a Japanese ex-photo shop owner, the other is a Spanish hairdresser.

I ask the latter to have my hair cut, and the former to have my pictures taken.

I hope these pictures will be good enough for my Driver's License ID card I will renew on my birthday this year.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


May 3 is a national holiday called kenpo kinenbi(憲法記念日), Constitution Day.

From today the latter part of the Golden Week starts. Since there are five days, I believe many people travel many places.

I am still traveling in Spain.
Today I visited the Expo site and enjoyed walking around the places where I used to walk every day.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


It was fine.  In the daytime it became very hot and I remembered Seville is called "Pan of Andalucia."

I could meet very old friends from Expo'92 today.I met three of them for the first time since Expo. Therefore it has been 25 years. They looked the same.

We enjoyed the reunion.

Monday, May 1, 2017


A new month has started. May is gogatsu (五月: the fifth month) or Satsuki (皐月) in Japanese.

May is my favorite month because of birthday, nice weather, fresh greenery, and golden week.

It is very difficult for Japanese people to take a longer vacation. This is one of the four periods we can take a longer vacation. They are the end and beginning of the year, Golden Week, Bon festival in summer, and silver week in September.

I took four paid holidays and got 11 days off to come to Europe, especially Santorini, Greece and Seville Spain.l tried
It's half down and I enjoyed my first Dteams