Saturday, May 13, 2017


It was a rainy day.

I went to Takanawadai to learn Reiki first degree.
It started from 10 am and ended 6:30  pm or so followed by tea party.
About 26 people attended.
We were divided into 5 groups and got attunement 4 times individually.  While waiting for one's turn, there were many group works including Reiki marathon.
While practicing we introduced ourselves. One of them had an "Out-of-body-experience" when he was hit by the baseball on the head. In addition to that he experienced many almost dying experiences. Therefore we were all astonished. Inspite of these hard experiences, he said he appreciated all the experiences and that everything had meaning.

We had lunch by groups.

In the afternoon we practiced Reiki by pairs. I did first. After the praitice, my partner said "I felt good" so I was a bit surprised because I just put my hands on the assigned places.
When I was done, I felt good too and fell asleep. After that my group member said "Your eyes look bigger than before as if you have just been to the beauty salon."

We all enjoyed the course.

Most of them will attend the Reiki second degree tomorrow. It must be fun.

After the lesson I went to the Ikebukuro Library of Rikkyo University where has an exhibition of "One Book for Experiencing Abroad" in which my book is included.
Thank you for choosing.

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