Thursday, May 18, 2017


It was cloudy and a bit cool when I left home in the morning.
During the daytime it rained heavily with thunders.
In the late afternoon the sun appeared.
Strange weather, isn't it?

Today I received the goods I ordered through Internet the other day. There were three goods. One is a present for the professor leaving at the end of May. If we order goods up to the certain amount, they cover the shipping fee which is about $5, so I decided to add something I have wanted to buy someday to save the shipping fee. I asked the gift wrapping, but they were only wrapped by the paper and  there were no ribbons, so I'd better find something.

To my wonder the price is cheaper when I order through Internet than buy at the shop.

In a few years many professions will be disappeared.
We need to think about the work which will never be replaced by machines.

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