Thursday, November 23, 2017


It is a national hoiday called kinro kansha no hi (勤労感謝の日), Labour Thanksgiving Day.
This year it falls on the same day of Thanksgiving of the United States. I miss Turkey Dinner.

It was heavily raining this morning but became fine in the afternoon and rained again in the evening.

In the afternoon I went to a study meeting to improve presymptomatic disease, the life style not to be beaten by cancer.

It started at 13:30.  There were three parts, First: greeting by city mayor, Second: special session by Mr. Shonosuke Okura and Mr.Hiroyuki Watanabe, Third: lecture "Life Style not to Be Beaten by Cancer" by Dr.Yoshinori Nagumo. There was a  hula dance show too.
It was a very informative useful lecture.

I was very surprised to hear that special session was not practiced before.

After the event I bought a book written by Dr. Nagumo and he autographed the book. I read it at night. The contents were almost the same as lecture.
All men on the stage were 62 years old but they looked far much younger than they are.

I met a friend later and went shopping.

It was a nice holiday.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


It was fine in the morning but became rain in the evening. From the morning it was cold.
Today is shosetsu (小雪), one of nijyushisekki(二十四節気), the 24 solar terms. It literally means small snow. It is the time to start snowing from rain.

Today I asked the dealer to have my car inspected. It was a regular routine of every six months. They found my tires and the filter of air conditioning were in bad condition, so I asked them to replace.

After work I went to the China Town in Yokohama. There are so many Chinese restaurants there. I think it is the biggest China Town in Japan.
I wonder how people decide which one to go. Every place looks delicious.
In my case I checked "Groupon" which is a coupon site. Since I wanted to eat Shanghai crabs, I checked "Shanghai crab." I called one restaurant in Tokyo, but they were full because tomorrow is our national holiday. There were some restaurants in China Town which offered the full course Shanghai crabs dinner. I called the one, but they did not answer. So I called the next one. They said without Groupon Coupon we would serve you as the same price. So I did not buy the coupon but just reserved.
There were 11 dishes with a glass of drink. Shanghai crabs were rather small and there were few meat. Texture of kanimiso (かにみそ) was different from Japanese crabs and rather sticky. It was interesting to know about the hair of the big claw.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


It was fine and cold. Mt. Fuji looked very beautiful with snow. Air is clear, sky is blue, there was no cloud. Red leaves of cherry trees were becoming less and less these days but looked very beautiful and I took pictures.

Today I booked the hotel in Hanoi for the next business trip next month. I have known I go there when and how long, however we could not decide the venue for the meeting and I could not book the room. Cheaper rooms are sold fast and more expensive rooms are left. I wish I have booked earlier when they still have reasonable rooms.
The earlier your decision is, the cheaper you pay.

From next time I will book the accommodation  where they do not charge for cancellation to secure the good place.