Friday, August 18, 2017


It is fine and hot outside but it is very cold inside. Therefore I got a cold.

We arrived at Nassau, the Bahama in the morning.
We started breakfast around 9:30 so one of the dining rooms was already closed.

We landed at the port this time. First we went to some jewry shops to get presents. We happened to find the Ministry of Tourism and asked where to visit.  According to the advice, we visited the major touristic places.

We came back to the ship around 2 pm and ate lunch at the ship.
We took a nap, and there was the assembly meeting of Dream Trips from 5 pm. They say there are 92 Dream Trippers this time but only a third got together. There was a family who traveled free. Someday I hope to do so.

After dinner we enjoyed the juggling show at night.


We arrived at Coco Cay, the Bahama where is a private island around 8 am. Since there is no port, we were sent by tender boat to the island beach. There are nearly 3000 passengers, it takes time for all the people to land. So we waited taking breakfast.After all we arrived at beach nearly 11am, and walked around the straw shops, and enjoyed swimming. It is a shallow beach and I could walk to 100 meters or so. I saw some fish including a shark.
After eating lunch we rested and came back to the ship.To my interesting there was a security check on our way back.

When we got back to the room, we found the gift from our travel agency.
We had a formal dinner tonight, so I wore Japanese summer kimono called Yukata (浴衣).
The sunset was very beautiful.
We watched the movie music show for an hour.


It was fine.

We left around10:45 and headed for Miami.
At the port there were some cruise ships.
Our Enchantment of the Sea was docked at the Pier G where was the furtherest from the parking.

After checking in, we ate lunch first and there was a Guest Assembly Drill later.

We left Miami at 4 pm.

There was a sail away party at 4:15pm.

We had dinner at 6 pm. We watched the show. They say participants were from more than 30 countries. There were some honeymoon couples. There was a couple who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  The secret of long relationship the wife said was  compromise, and the husband's was always agree.

We enjoyed casino for $5 free play and watching stars at the deck.

Inside the ship it is very cold, outside it is very hot and humid.

It was a nice day.