Monday, July 16, 2018


It was fine and very hot again.

Today is the last day of three day weekend

I went to Asakusabashi by Keikyu line and Toei Asakusa line, and changed to JR Sobu line to go to Ryogoku.The view from JR was beautiful.

There was a BOM there. I attended with my friends but I did not understand well.

After that we went to Yokohama to have dinner with other people. It was fun.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


It was fine and hot.

I went to Kanda to attend a Million seller writer, Ken Honda's one day seminar about his recent book "Letters from a Millionaire."
It started at 10 am and finished nearly 7 pm. There were several group works and five of us became a group and shared our thoughts. It was so fun that three of us had dinner together and two of them joined later after their dinner party.

One of them was not only a jazz singer but also a card reader and a kind of fortune-teller and we enjoyed her session. 

There were some guests at the seminar and I bought three books and asked the autograph and pictures.

It was a nice day.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


It was fine and very hot.
I took a shower soon after getting up.

Today is the beginning of the three day weekend because of the Marine Day next Monday.
How are you spending this holiday?

I stayed at home during daytime and went to YOKOSUKA Soleil no oka (ソレイユの丘) to attend Hoshizora Park no Yasashii Yoga (星空パークのやさしいヨガ: Easy Yoga under the starry skies park) lesson with my friend in the evening. We happened to know about this event when we went to see fire flies last month.

It's been so long since I practiced yoga last time. It started at 6 pm and lasted for an hour. I felt it was too short. It was still light and not starry skies during the Yoga.

After the lesson the sky was pink and so beautiful and we saw the first star.
The Sunflower field was very beautiful and we enjoyed taking pictures.

It was a nice experience.