Friday, July 31, 2015


It was fine and hot.

Today is the last day of the first semester and the summer vacation for students starts tomorrow.

Today is the last day of July and this is the second full moon of this month tonight.
It happens once in three years or so.
This is called the blue moon.
Do you have any ritual on the day of the blue moon?

Thursday, July 30, 2015


It was a strange weather again. But fortunately I did not have to use the umbrella.

Yesterday there was a delivery in the daytime. Tonight I arranged to have it delivered on Saturday. However to my surprise it was delivered after 9 pm tonight.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It was cloudy and hot.

I was so sick that I went to clinic in the morning though my appointment was tomorrow. The result of X-ray was improved. So the doctor gave me stronger medicines for cough and compress for the chest pain.

It is the end of the first semester and the time for many special students to go back home. One of them came to my office to greet. He gave me a piece of paper which includes 16 beautiful pictures he took during his stay in Japan. There were pictures of Hokkaido and Okinawa of skiing and diving, Mt. Fuji, waterfall of Nachi, Nara, sumo, women wearing yukata (浴衣), summer casual kimono, the rainbow bridge, night view of Tokyo and so on.
I knew he enjoyed his stay in Japan. This was a very nice gift.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


It was fine and very hot.

I still cough a lot in spite of taking medicine.

Hope to get well soon.

Monday, July 27, 2015


It was fine and hot.

I took a transferred holiday of July 20.

I left the hotel before 8 am and headed for Bishamondo (毘沙門堂) in Yamashina.
There are many important cultural properties there. The priest explained about the wall and ceiling pictures. There is a technique that the person in the picture looks as if they are watching the audience. Depends on the direction pictures look different.
I did not know that cendipede is a messenger of Bishamonten (毘沙門天).

After that I went back to Kyoto and ate hamo (鱧), daggertooth pike conger dishes. I think it is very famous and seasonal dish in Kyoto.

I went to Toji (東寺) temple again. Yesterday when I went there, it was too early to open.
The entrance fee was yen 500 and I could visit two buildings.

After that I went back to the hotel to pick up the buggage and went to Kyoto station and looked for souvenir and dinner. Every time when I come to Kansai, I buy kaki no ha zushi (柿の葉寿司) for dinner.

On my way back, I choose green car of Kodama (こだま). Shinkansen Kodama stops every station and it takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes between Kyoto and Shinagawa, but it is about yen 4000 cheeper than Nozomi, the fastest bullet train which takes about 2 hours 10 minutes.
Green car is spacy and comfortable.

I visited my father.

It was another long day.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


I came to Kyoto by night bus. I arrived around 5:40 am. First I went to New Miyako hotel to buy a discount one day subway ticket for the night bus riders. However the places I wanted to visit today was better to visit by bus. So I bought one day bus ticket for yen 500. Since flat rate of one bus ride is yen 230, if you ride more than three times, it is better to buy this ticket. I used more than seven times.
I went to Toji (東寺) temple first. Lotus flowers were very beautiful. There was a talk by a  priest from 6:45 to 7:00, so I attended. Then I ate breakfast and visited my hotel to leave the buggage.
Then I left for Shimogamojinja (下鴨神社). There was a special event to enter the river which only happens once in a year, so I tried.
After that I went to Kamigamojinja (上賀茂神社). There was also special exhibition only happens today. So I feel lucky.
Then I went to Fushimiinari taisha (伏見稲荷大社) where is the most popular place among foreign people. There are about 10000 torii (鳥居) gates. I did not have enough time so I could not climb up the mountain. Therefore I hope to be back someday.

I went back to Kyoto station to see my friend from Expo 92. We walked around the station to find a nice place to eat but it was difficult. After all we went to a tea room and ate sweets.

She was interested in Kamigamojinja.  Since there was a special event there tonight, I recommended her to go and she did and enjoyed.

I went to Chokenji (長建寺) temple to observe the fire festival which only happens once in a year. This was the main reason for me to come to Kyoto this time.

After the festival when I came back to Kyoto station, there was sound and fountain show. So I enjoyed 15 minutes event.

I have looked for a restaurant and most of them were closed, but I could find the one where I could eat Kyoto dishes.

It was fine and very hot today.
And it was a very long day but I enjoyed many things.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


It was fine and very hot.

In the afternoon I went to see a facility, and visited my father at the hospital.

I have been looking for the pictures from 1983, 1992, 1996, 2003~2004, 2005, 2006~2008 for the presentation on August 8 and 9.
These years are special years for me.
From 2003 or so I have used the digital camera too, so I need to check the PC folders too.
I should have used online albums.

At night I watched a Japanese movie ゛Hero゛in Yokohama.

And now I am heading for Tokyo to take a night bus to Kyoto.

Friday, July 24, 2015


It was a strange weather. It was fine in the morning but rained with thunder and lightening in the afternoon which caused the signal trouble and the trains delayed on my way home.

Today is doyo no ushi no hi (土用の丑の日), the day of ox during the hottest period in summer. On this day we eat grilled eel to build up our stamina.

There are two ox days this summer.



It was rainy in the morning, but became fine.

I went to clinic to take X-ray.  My lung became better but since I started coughing again these days, Doctor gave me some medicine prescription.

July 23 is known as fumi no hi (ふみの日), Day of letter.  On this day the Japan Post always issue the memorial stamps.  I used to buy them, but these days I seldom send letters, so I do not buy many.  However I love receiving letters and cards.

The 10th Japanese astronaut Mr. Kimiya Yui (油井亀美也) went to space today.  They say he had a dream to go to the Mars when he was a primary school student.  He became a pilot of Self Defense Force, but at the age of 39 he applied for Japanese astronaut selection and accomplished his dream at the age of 45. To have a dream and to make it publish have very strong power to fulfill it.

What dreams do you have?

I want to be rich enough to be a snowbird.
I want to travel around the world without bringing big baggage.
I want to be a bridge between Japan and other countries and contribute to the world peace.
I want to write best seller books.
I want to be healthy and happy and make people around me happy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


It was fine and hot and windy.
Mt. Fuji looked beautiful.

In the evening we had a semester end gathering. Since this was the first event using catering foods, I did not know how much foods and drink I should order.
Now I know how much I should have ordered, I will do better next time.
There were some students I have not seen since April.
So it was a nice time to get together and share the experience.
There are many foreign students, so it is a good opportunity to learn other cultures.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


It was fine and hot and windy.  Mt.Fuji looked beautifully.

Since the summer vacation has started for schools, trains are not so crowded.

When I came back from work, I could see fireworks in the sky far away, and felt lucky.

One of the things I like in summer is fireworks.
Fireworks is hanabi (花火), literally flower fire.

Monday, July 20, 2015


It was fine and very hot.

Today is a national holiday called umi no hi (海の日), Marine Day.
Schools in my city already entered into summer vacation.
But today was the last class day in our university so that I went to work.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


It was fine and hot.
They say the rainy season is over which is two days earlier than usual.

In the morning I went to see another institution for my father with my mother's friend. It was a very nice room with bathroom and kitchen. Since there are no furniture, if we choose here we need to prepare a bed and other things.  After that we went to see the place where her 99 years old mother is staying.
Then we went out for lunch.  It's been a long time since we had meal together.  We talked a lot.

Then I went to see my father.

In the afternoon I was trying to find some old pictures.

At night there was a community work called Aipato (愛パト) which literally means love patrol.  We walked around the school zone to check.  It took about an hour and I felt tired. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015


It was fine but rained too.

In the morning I visited seven neighbors to collect the second area fee. I am very glad to collect all.

There was a visitor and he installed the new water purifier which produces H H2O .

In the afternoon I visited my father and four facilities. Then I went to grocery shopping.


It was cloudy, rainy and windy  due to the typhoon No. 11.

This morning I felt sick and aftet work I felt tired today.

At lunch time I called many institutions to make appointments to visit this weekend.
I hope I can visit all as I planned.

At night I watched an animation movie on TV which was nice.

Yesterday there was an anmouncement of the 153rd  Akutagawa prize and Naoki Prize. A Japanese famous entertainer Matayoshi Naoki (又吉直樹) received the Akutagawa prize by his first book Hibana (火花).

At night I bought a book written by my Venezuelan friend through Kindle and enjoyed reading it.  I hope to translate it into Japanese someday.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


It was a rainy day. Sometimes it rained heavily and the outside from the window looked just white. Since the big typhoon is approaching, the wind blows strongly.

In the morning I went to clinic to take X-ray to see the progress. I felt sick in the morning my lung is improving. I need to go there to take another X- ray.

At lunch time I went to a Korean restaurant with my ex-colleague who works at the same university now. We met in April by chance and we have not had a chance to eat out since then.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


It was fine and hot during daytime. Blue Mt. Fuji looked beautiful. At night it started raining maybe because of nearing the typhoon.

I felt sick in the morning and was wondering if I should go or not but after all I went.
Since it is the15th, I went to the nearby shrine before going.
I feel tired and there is something wrong.
I will go to see the doctor tomorrow morning and I will know the reason.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


It was fine and hot.

I felt OK in the morning so that I decided to go to work. While I was on the train I was fine but when I needed to climb stairs and walk to the office, I felt so tired and weak.
At the office I took online stress check.  I knew I have great stress and worry and concern, but the total result was not so bad which was a kind of surprise.
At the office many people knew that I have been sick, so they gave me kind words.

I hope I will be all right.

Monday, July 13, 2015


It was fine and windy.

I felt sick and could not go to work again.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


It was fine and windy.

I am still sick and stayed in bed.
There were two events I was looking forward to attending but I stayed home to rest. One was my belated birthday luncheon with excolleagues. The other was the 30th anniversary concert.

In any case my priority is to recover from illness I must obey doctor's instruction.

I hope to get well soon.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


It was fine and very hot.

It's been a week since I was diagnosed as pneumonia. I stayed in bed all day long besides eating.
I had to cancel some weekend events.

I want to be healthy soon.

Friday, July 10, 2015


It was fine.

But I am not fine yet. As my doctor told me to rest at home I took another day off. There are things I can manage by email and phone which makes me feel a little better.

It's been a month since my father entered hospital. I need to find a nursery institution for him because it would be hard for him to live at home. That is very sad but since I cannot take care of him for 24/7.  Sooner or later we need to accept the reality.
I consulted with my friends about it by email.  And some of them replied me and others called me. Most of them recommended me to visit and see the place by myself. To see is very important.
Now I need to recover from illness first and hope to use my time for my father soon.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


It was a rainy day.

I went to clinic to take X-ray to compare the progress of my lung. He said I still have pneumonia so that I should take days off to stay home. So I will take a day off tomorrow.
I do not have high fever any more but I still cough and today I feel very dull.

I wonder why I got sick now. Everything has meaning and every thing happens just as it should happen. Everything is perfect. But as I had many things to do since last week and I had to cancel, I do not know why it happened at this time.
Maybe I will know someday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015. 7. 8

It was a rainy day.

I was called from hospital and went to see a doctor to hear about my father's condition.
It seems he won't be able to live in our house any more because he needs care. There are three options now. They were more expensive than I thought. Fortunately he can manage with his pension.
After helping him to eat dinner, I could see my brother. He told me to decide wherever I like.
I had better visit the facilities as soon as possible because there are many people waiting.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


July 7 is tanabata (七夕), star festival.

It is a day that the Altair and the Vega meet once a year.

Unfortunately it is rainy this year again.

We decorate the bamboo trees with colorful decorations and we write our wishes on a strip of the paper called tanzaku (短冊) and hang them too.

What kinds of wishes would you write ?

Monday, July 6, 2015


It was a rainy day.

There was the final match of FIFA World Cup 2015. Nadeshiko Japan could not be a champion this time though I did not see the match.
One of the players Sawa Homare attended the world cup for six times which is the outstanding record.
I heard women players in Japan are in hard condition compared to men or foreign counterparts. They need to have regular work to live and practice after that.

If there is enough money, there are many things we can change the society.


It was a rainy day.

I was supposed to be in Hokkaido, but because of pneumonia I had to cancel. It was an invitation trip by Kimono-style Miya. Originally 2 nights 3 days trip but since I had to work yesterday it was specially arranged one night two days trip for me. I have been to Hokkaido for five times or so but since I have never been to Hakodate I was so looking forward to joining.
I feel so sorry for them too.

Today I have almost spent in bed.

But at night there was a monthly meeting for local representatives and I attended.
It lasted for two hours. Too long.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015. 7. 4

Happy Birthday to the USA!!

It is a rainy day.

I went to work.  Before that I went to the in-school clinic but fortunately or unfortunately it was closed.

Today was a very important day so that I took a day off yesterday for today.  However I could not work fully.

After preparing I decided to go to another clinic which was open by 13:00.
A doctor took X-ray and diagnosed as pneumonia and told me to rest at home until I won't have high fever.
It took longer than I expected. So main work was almost over when I returned, and I feel very bad for many people.

To make a proper judgement is sometimes very difficult.

If I choose to go to hospital from the beginning on Monday, the situation might be different.
If I did not come to work on Wednesday and Thursday, I might be better.
If I accept antibiotics from the beginning, I would be fine by now.

If I did not go to clinic at that time and finish working and after coming back then going to my brother's hospital as emergency, I may feel better for the job.

There are many ifs which I can think of now.

But all was over.  Too late.  Many regrets.
First judgement is important.

Health is the most important. We cannot enjoy life without health.
I need to take care of myself more and more.

Friday, July 3, 2015

2015. 7.3

It was a rainy day.

I still have high fever and coughs so I decided to take a day off to rest for tomorrow.

I tried to use the tablet, but since I have not used it for a long time, I could not use it.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


It was slightly raining in the morning but stopped in the afternoon.

I had high fever again but there is something I needed to do at office so I went.
The length effectiveness of medicine seems shorter.

So if I have high fever tomorrow again, I'd better take a day off tomorrow  for the day after tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Half of 2015 was over. And a new month has started. July is shichigatsu (7月) and its old name is Fuzuki or Fumizuki (文月), literally means letter month .

I have done many things during the first half. And there will be exciting events in the second half too.

It was raining in the morning and stopped raining in the afternoon.
Every first day and 15th day of the month, we clean the vicinity of the local shrine in turn.
Today was our group's turn. However since it was raining, it was canceled.

I make it a rule to visit the shrine these two days, so I went there before going to work.

This morning I had high fever again, but there is something to do at work, so I took antifebrile and went. While the medicine is working, I am OK, but after 6 hours or so I feel cold and dull having fever.
I hope to be fine soon.