Monday, May 15, 2017


It was cloudy.

I went to nearby shrine before getting on the train and another near the office before going to the office.

After work I visited the Fuji Film square after a while. There was my favorite type of exhibition related water. They were beautiful. I like pictures of natural beauty.

Then I went to Shinjuku to have dinner with my American host father who has come to Japan on a business trip for two weeks or so. I got the wrong exit at the Shinjuku station, and had to walk longer than expected.
We knew we would get together sometime this week but have not decided yet until this morning. So I did not have enough time to choose the proper restsurant beforehand and I asked the hotel  concierge to recommend us some sushi restaurants. She selected four of them and we visited two of them.
There was a waiting line for the first one. The other was very fancy and very expensive. So we decided to go to my favorite one after all. It was a crab restaurant. Usually on Fridays without booking it is very hard to enter. Fortunately today is Monday and we can enter without waiting.
There was a live koto (琴) music on the stage.
We shared the course dinner and added one more special offered dish and drinks.  They included boild three types of crabs, raw crab, hotpot, gratin, sushi, clear soup, and dessert. All were good.
I was going to treat him but he treated me.

He liked the special goods to take out the crab meat, and bought them for souvenir.
He noticed the difference of costumes of waitresses. So I asked the diiference. They said on the job training waitresses wear two-part kimono, and qualified waitresses wear the regular one.
He said the way of Japanese payment without tips was better.

We had a good time.

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