Friday, May 19, 2017


It was fine.

Yesterday I read an article about Roppongi Midtown where I pass every day on my way to the office. I have not known the concept of the Midtown until that time. Therefore today in the morning when I walked through, I realized what I did not notice by that time.
Human consciousness is interesting, isn't it?

Today was the renewal open day of the supermarket in Midtown.
The layout has been changed, and I did not find what I wanted soon.
The first 100 people who bought more than yen 2000 got a small gift but I did not buy that much.

There were many things to do today at work because the program in charge will start from next Monday. So I could not go to the places I wanted to go after work.
Instead I came back to Shinagawa with a colleague. There were two advertisement of Rose Garden Fair until the end of this month. I feel like to visit there if possible.

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