Saturday, May 20, 2017


It was fine.

I stayed up late last night until 3 am or so but was able to get up early, and left home early to go to Takanawadai to attend One-day Dream Map Seminar.

I have known about it since July 2009 but never made it before.
I have noticed the effectiveness of Dream Map, but never felt like making it until now.

Since last March I have had many connections with lecturer's family and decided to come to the seminar.

My goal has been to be a bridge between Japan and foreign countries to introduce mutual cultures to contribute for the world peace.  One of the measures is publishing books. I published "Florida Report 2006-2008 JOI Experience America This and That " in 2012 in Japanese. I want to write about Europe, Central & South America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia in Japanese, English and Spanish.
I want to travel around the world by first class and luxuarious around the world cruise. So I have chosen many places and I realized that I want to see the world natural beauties, especially waterfalls. I knew about it. But it became very clear by using pictures.

After lunch there was a group work called
Group Magnetize which was really impressive. I talked about my dreams and my group members encouraged me. I was  shedding tears without knowing by feeling supported by them.  When my group members talked about their dreams, the same things happened.  Even they are not my dreams, tears came out from my eyes. It was an unexpected experience.

I felt to have clear goals makes it easier to come true.

I enjoyed the seminar.

After that I went to a kimono shop. They have a special sales event.  I tried to grasp gold coin shaped chocolates out of the box. The total amount of chocolate weighed  within the set amount, therefore I got a special present. What is more there was a small blue superball which meant another present. I felt very lucky. The special present is a postcard of the owl picture which the artist drew in front of me using my name Kimiko in hiragana character. It was amazing. This is called iyashie (癒し絵) healing picture. I am very glad to have watched him drawing.

Another good thing was I got a video call from my Spanish best friend whom I tried "Passion Test" while I was in Spain. Today he happened to start reading the book of passion test without knowing about it. We have had many things in common, and felt strong connection.

It was a good day.

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