Monday, May 8, 2017


Happy Birthday to Me!!

Thank you, everyone, for thinking of me and taking time to send messages to me on this special day for me.  I will reply one by one taking time later, so please wait for a while.

It was fine and rather hot and windy today.

I took a day off, which was really nice.  There were many things I could do.

First the maintenance person for the storage battery came to visit for checking in the morning. Second my suit case was finally delivered.
Then I went out.  First to the nearby shrine to thank you for the safe trip to Europe.  Second to the police station to renew the driver's license.  After paper work I watched a Video for 30 minutes and listened to the lecture.  Third to buy flowers to visit my parents graveyard, and cake and sushi for myself.  Fourth to the graveyard of my parents to report my trip abroad and my birthday.  Fifth to the bank to transfer inheritance money to my brother and to pay the fixed property tax. Sixth to the station to buy a commuter ticket for six months.  Seventh to come back home to clear kimono, to eat dinner, to pay the auto tax by Internet, to input housekeeping book, to write 10 years' diary during the trip, and so on.

This year's most memorable event of today is the start of the exhibition of my book "Florida Report 2006-2008" at the Ikebukuro Library of Rikkyo University where I worked from 2014 to 2016.  They have a special exhibition to encourage students to go abroad from today. And the librarian chose my book to exhibit.  Since today is the 5th year anniversary of my book publishing, I am so glad and honored about this event.
Thank you very much.


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