Saturday, September 10, 2016


It was fine and very hot.

After visiting a company and construction site in Osaka, we went to have lunch at takoyaki (たこ焼) restaurant. There were 6 people and we ordered 6 different takoyaki dishes to share and try many different tastes. Takoyaki is a small ball-shaped pancake including a piece of octopus. One of them is called Akashiyaki (明石焼き) and it is eaten by dipping in the broth.

Then we went to Kyoto and visited the city hall to listen to the lectures about Kyoto's landscape preserving policies. We learned a lot.

After that we walked around Kyoto city to see the examples of applying the policies.

I have come to Kyoto many times before, but I have never realized about these policies. I walked the unfamiliar streets too.

At night we enjoyed dinner including kuri gohan (栗ご飯), chestnut rice, the fall speciality.


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