Thursday, September 8, 2016


It was heavily raining in the morning because of the typhoon No.13, but to my lucky it stopped raining when I got to the venue and I did not get wet at all.

I have attended MIPIM which is like an Expo of the Real Estate Industry. I visited many booths and listened to two lectures.

There was a demonstration for the Japanese tea ceremony to rest at the corner and a man was serving tea.

In the evening there was a cocktail opening party at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. After the series of adresses, there was an opening sake barrel ceremony called "Kagamibiraki (鏡開き). "
There was a tuna cutting show, music show, and kimono fashion show. There were 10 models whose kimono represent countries. 

I think it was a good experience for foreign participants to know Japanese culture.

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