Saturday, September 3, 2016


It was cloudy in the morning, became fine later. It may have rained in the afternoon because I could see the rainbow in Shinjuku. And it rained in the evening.  Fortunately I did not have to use the umbrella.

I went to Kimono style Miya to have hair done, makeup, and dressed. Then I have my pictures taken.

Then I went to Shinjuku to attend the Morinda's monthly meeting. After getting useful information, there was an award ceremony. I was awarded for the first time and had a chance to talk in front of people.

It was May 26, 2009 when I heard about Noni and Tahitian noni juice for the first time by my dead mother's friend . At that time I had a bad back pain which I did not know the reason.
I happened to see her on the train after a long time. I was not interested in a network business nor supplement. But the group event she invited me was interesting and I decided to be a member. I really appreciate that I knew Morinda and the many relationships or connection which were caused by knowing it.

My back pain has been disappeared in a few years  without my notice.
The more I know, the better I like the Morinda. I love their products and their mission to do something good for the world. I love the five founders and a couple of CEO of Morinda Japan very much. 

If you have a chance, please check the following site.

Morinda's products are really good for your health and beauty. Therefore I recommend you to try.

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