Friday, September 16, 2016


It was cloudy in the morning and started raining in the afternoon.

I took a train bound for Narita Airport this morning though I got off at Shimbashi.
I hope to take this one someday to go to Narita Airport because I do not have to change and I can go there directly to leave for foreign countries.

There were two programs today.  One was a lecture at a company in the morning and the other was a museum visit in Narita in the afternoon. I learned many things today.

After work I came back from the Narita Airport. I only changed at Aoto once. It was  about three hours ride to my station. I sat in the corner of the very front seat at the second train.

I had a big nice Japanese lunch including seasonal matsutake gohan (松茸ご飯), matsutake mushroom rice .

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