Friday, September 30, 2016


It was cloudy and fine.

September 30. The last day of September. That means three fourths of 2016 has already gone. Where are they?
I remember some events happened during the nine months. But I do not know how much I remember the rest.

It's been a half year since I started the new job. Today I ordered 100 business cards. This is the third time I ordered since April. So in six months I have met more than 150 people. I am not sure how many names and faces match though.

After work I went to the Fuji Film Square to see the new exhibitions.
There I was called by the cosmetician to try their new cosmetics which is now on special campaign.
Can you imagine the film comany is now making cosmetics using their anti-oxidizing technique of film applying to human skin?
They are also selling suppliment. I did not know but they said there is a facial treatment room at the corner of the same lot.
Many things are keeping progressing.

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