Sunday, September 11, 2016


It was heavily raining when I left home in the morning, but fortunately it stopped raining.

I was invited to the September Grand Sumo Tournament at Tokyo by Kimono Style Miya. I have wanted to see the sumo wrestling at the box seat for a long time, so one of my dreams came true today.

Around noon I visited Kimono Style Miya to get hair done and dressed, but no make up today.

I prepared the rain coat and  rain shoe's cover but I didn't have to use the coat. Instead I wore other coat which way of weaving is called "ra (羅)." I bought it some years ago by the first sight but did not have a  chance to wear by now.  But today's sash is also the same weaving, so I decided to wear finally.

Fifteen of us went together to the venue at Ryogoku by train.

We sat at the box seat called "masu seki (升席)" for four people each. It was very small, and a little bit different from my imagination.

All the tickets were sold out because today is Sunday and the first day of the tournament.
There were banners saying "Sellout crowd (満員御礼: manin onrei ). "

We saw the ceremonies from 3:30 pm and enjoyed watching matches until 6 pm.
Some matches were very popular and there were many prizes for the winner.
The last demonstration called yumitorishiki (弓取り式) was nice too.

Unfortunately Yokozuna Hakuho (横綱白鵬) was absent from this tournament, but we enjoyed watching live games.

After that we had a full course dinner at a Friench restaurant at the Tokyo Station Hotel. They were so nice.

I enjoyed the events today.

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