Saturday, September 17, 2016


It was cloudy.

I went to Shinagawa to attend the ISD seminar for advisors. This was the second time for me to attend this seminar.
It was April 29 this year when I attended for the first time.
There were many things I still  remember but it was a nice experience to deepen the knowledge and to get to know new people.
There were six participants, and I was the only one who attended for the second time.
It started at 10:30 am and lasted until 6 pm.

ISD stands for Institute of Self Discovery.
It is a study of statistics and classification based on one's own birth date.
There are three categories: Moon, Earth, Sun. Each group has certain tendencies.
They judge from four aspects: essence, appearance, mind, hope which accounts for 50%, 30%, 15%, 5% respectively.

I belong to Earth, Sun, Earth. Sun Group respectively.
When we talked about "surprise party" as an example, I felt I certainly have both sides of Earth and Sun.
It is very interesting.

Today is full moon. Here is a picture for you.

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