Wednesday, September 7, 2016


It was raining in the early morning, but I was lucky not to use the umbrella. In the day time it was fine.

There was a rather big earthquake this afternoon, and there are other typhoons approaching.

After rather busy day's work I went to the Tokyo station to get on 18:00 Shinkansen to Osaka.
I go to the Tokyo station sometimes, however I usually use it to transit and seldom go there from outside. The central Yaesu Exit was quite changed from what I used to know.

Before getting on the train I bought ekiben (駅弁), literally means station box lunch. It is not lunch, but it is a boxed meal. There are many kinds of them depends on the place.
I chose kaisendon (海鮮丼), Seafood Rice Bowl, which is boxed rice topped with salmon flakes, salmon roe (いくら: ikura), crab, and herring roe (数の子: kazunoko), shredded  strips of egg (金糸玉子: kinshitamago) and a kind of pickles. It cost yen 1000 and it was delicious.
Here are pictures of the package and the real meal.

After arriving at Osaka, there  was a shuttle bus to the hotel.
I felt lucky.

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