Tuesday, September 6, 2016


It was fine and hot.

I went to MLIT today to attend 3 lectures.

At lunch time we went to cafeteria. There were two fast foods franchise shops. They were beef rice bowl Yoshinoya and udon noodle Hanamaru udon.  I feel uneasy a little bit to go to Yoshinoya by myself, but this was a cafeteria I chose galbi lunch set which cost yen 640.
Since my father had some of their stocks, they sent complimentary tickets for stockholders twice a year. I used them so I only paid yen 40 today.

I was not going back to the office today but documents were so heavy that I went back to the office.

There was a birthday person in our office who has been stationed in Myanmar for a few years. He baked cookies and gave us. They say this is the way how Myanmar people celebrate their birthday.

I remembered when I was in charge of Myanmar people for the JENESYS Program, there was a birthday boy who wished to buy a birthday cake for everyone. Instead we celebrated his birthday by a  surprise party.

I heard in Turkey they celebrate their birthdays by hosting. There are other countries too.

How do you celebrate your birthdays in your countries?

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