Thursday, June 1, 2017


A new month has started. June is rokugatsu(6月),the 6th month. The other name is minazuki(水無月) which means without water month though usually June is in a rainy season.

I went to the shrines near my house and office in the morning for otsuitachimairi (お一日参り),for the first day visit.

It was slightly raining in the morning. At lunch time it became fine. Therefore I decided to leave the umbrella behind and went out for welcome luncheon at a Mexican Restaurant for two new staffs.
We enjoyed square meal.
When we were going back, it started raining heavily. We could use the underground way up to the nearest exit from our office, but for the last 100 meters or so I had to rush and was caught in a shower. I felt bad because I had the umbrella but left it after seeing the sunshine. I should have brought it.

On our way to the restaurant we saw many long waiting lines for the museum and restaurants. We saw many flower decorations in front of newly opened shops.

Today is the first day, and taian kichijitsu (大安吉日) which is a good day to do anything. So that is the reason of newly opened shops.
I hope to visit these shops when I have time.

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