Friday, June 23, 2017


It was fine and hot.

I went out for lunch with my colleague whose birthday is the same as mine.
At first we were going to try one coin lunch according to the foreign student's recommendation list.
However when we got there, it was full and it seemed there were only men. So we decided to go to the other place.
I thought of a restaurant nearby and we went there.
When I went there last month with other colleagues, the lunch course was yen 1000 plus tax, and it was very nice. Therefore I took my colleague.
However there was not a course of yen 1000 but 1600 plus tax.
So I asked the owner and he said he raised from this month.
We were very lucky last time.
We ordered what went want to eat and enjoyed eating and talking.

I wished to go to see a movie tonight but coud not.

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