Friday, June 2, 2017


It was fine.

Yesterday two new staffs joined to our office. Therefore the layout of desks was changed and I had to move. After work I moved to the new place, and from today I started at the new environment. The desk is brand new which is good. The telephone is new but has less functions so I need to be accustomed to.
Since one staff leaves at the end of this month, and the other will leave at the end of next month or so, there will be another layout change again next month.

These days there are many contract-based staffs. Usually their contract is one year and renewable up to three years. However I feel this way is a waste.  For staffs they need to find another job. For institution they lose the knowledgeable staffs and have to find the replacement and teach them from the scratch.
I hope this vicious circle will be solved soon.

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