Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 6.24

It was fine

I had a very busy day.

First I walked to the station.
I went to Hinodecho to get massage in the  morning.
To my interesting the massager said  my body has been changed. I wonder this is because of Reiki or the radio gymnastics I started about a month ago.

Then I went to Shinjuku to have lunch with ex- JOI coordinator at Noni cafe. We enjoyed eating healthy foods and talking.

We and another friend attended the lecture by Mr. Makoto Oki who is the CEO of Morinda Japan.
We measured AGE. To my surprise my friend's AGE was about half year of his actual age. He said he exercises a lot.

After that my friend and I attended the company tour. There she measured AGE.
Her AGE was far much older than her actual age. She has been sick.

After that I went to two banks. One of them was on the 24th floor and the view was nice.

I went to Shinagawa and visited the Aqua Park to kill time. It is nice to have a yearly passport.

I had dinner with my advising professor at a restaurant. It happened to be the one I was going to go with my friend next month.

It was a nice day.

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