Wednesday, June 21, 2017


It was a rainy day.

Today is geshi (夏至), summer solstice, one of nijyushisekki (二十四節気),
the 24 solar terms. The last one was boshu (芒種) in June 5 and the next one is shosho (小暑) on July 7. Geshi literally means to reach summer. It is the longest daytime day in a year.

After two days off I had a rather busy day today attending a meeting at MLIT in the morning and English seminar at the office in the afternoon.

I had lunch at a restaurant where I visited last week with a professor.  They have four lunch menu and we ordered their recommendation. There are salad, dessert, and drink bar you can have as much as you want to.
They served rooibos tea which color was very beautiful.
I enjoyed eating and talking.

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