Tuesday, June 27, 2017


It was slightly raining in the morning, but to my lucky I did not use the umbrella.
I took more than 30 minutes earlier train than usual.
However when I got to Shinagawa, all the trains stopped due to the signal check in Oshiage. I chose to use JR up to Hamamatsu-cho and walked to Daimon.
There were so many people at Shinagawa station.

After all I got to the office almost the same time as usual. So disappointing.

At Tokyo Midtown they are having Mid Day Week Events from June 23 to July 2.
July 2 is the mid day of the year. I will go to Hokkaido from tomorrow to July 1. When I come next time, it will be already over.

I had two meetings and got many things done at work.
At the meeting I was surprised to hear about our colleagues' sudden life change events. One will go to New York to accompany with her husband. The other had to give up studying abroad due to mother's sickness.
There are something we cannot do by ourselves.

There was an invitation email for two museums for 9 staffs. To my lucky I became the one.

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