Tuesday, June 13, 2017


It was a rainy day.

My morning train delayed again.

There were two meetings today at the office, and a disaster training in the morning too.
Every year we practice this kind of trainings twice, and this was smaller than the one in fall.
Today's situation was the big earthquake. First we hid under the desk to protect our brain. Then we evacuated to the first floor. We prepared the small spaces using the cardboards. I was in charge of ushering those who cannot go home. But there were not so many participants today.
Participants were distributed a bottle of water and some foods but asked not to open them because this is just a training.
There was an email system to check the safety too.

After that there was a demonstration of how to get drinks from the vending machine without electricity.

After work I went to Shinagawa Prince Hotel to attend the opportunity meeting.
I am not interested in at this moment but who knows what will be in the future.

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