Friday, August 19, 2016


It was fine and hot in the morning, and cloudy and rain and fine again in the afternoon.  We saw the rainbows after rain, so rain was not so bad.

I took a day off to show around Tokyo to my VIP 's family from New York.

We met at the Tsukiji shijyo (築地市場) station at 10 am. Tsukiji shijo is the biggest and most famous market in Tokyo. There were so many tourists there. We walked around the restaurant area and fish market area. I was surprised to find the fish shop with the same surname as mine there. We enjoyed the seafood bowl for early lunch.

Then we went to Hamarikyu (浜離宮) park where we enjoyed Japanese cold green tea with sweets. Since I have a license of tour guide, I could enter there for free. We enjoyed walking along the flower fields.

We took a river cruise to Asakusa. It took about 45 minutes.

We walked around Asakusa (浅草) and enjoyed another Japanese sweets called warabimochi (わらびもち) with maccha (抹茶), green tea taste.

It started rain and when we arrived at Ueno, we could see the rainbows.

Then we went to the Ueno park where there was a public view event of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. We answered the questionaire and got a pin budge of the Tokyo Olympic 2020. We also have our pictures taken in front of the volleyball team panel.
We went to the famous pond called Shinobazunoike (不忍池), where there were many big lotus flowers.  There were so many people using smart phone there, so we assumed there was Pikachu there.

After that we visited the Kanda Post Office to get the tickets for the baseball game of Giants vs Tigers at the Tokyo Dome. The game was exciting with a few home runs. Giants won.

We said good by after 10 pm.
We had a good time today.

It was very interesting to hear  their comments about Japanese culture, because for us it is a matter of course but for foreigners it seems strange.

There were many things I colud not explain but we had lots of fun.