Friday, August 5, 2016


It was fine and hot.

I went out for lunch with a colleague of a different section. I ate pork dishes. It looked half-grilled and I felt uneasy but it seems they were specially raised, so I do not have to worry so much.
Water,  coffee, and iced coffee were on the center table, and it was self service style. Since I do not drink coffee, I asked if they have tea or not. They have, but it costs yen 500. So I did not order, of course, and drank delicious Earl Gray Tea after coming back to the Office.

One of my pleasures of Friday is to visit the Fuji Film Square after work because they usually change the exhibition in the night of Thursday and start the new one on Friday.
There were three new exhibitions. One of them was  animal pictures from South Africa, the other is beautiful sceneries of Nara, and another was pictures of peoples.
I liked some of the pictures of Nara, especially frost-covered trees, ice-covered waterfall, clear river, greenery mountains, and so on.
There was a picture I am very interested in, and did not know how to take it, so I asked the photographer, Mr. Shinya Ishikawa there. The beautiful shape on the water was movement line of carps.
If you have time, please visit there.

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