Tuesday, August 9, 2016


It was fine and hot.

From the morning, there was a good news. Japan got gold medals for group artistic gymnastics.  Congratulations!

Just before my leaving home in the morning,  gardeners came to take care around my house. I asked them to come within July, but they came today. I asked them why but they did not know the reason. I wished to have them before my father's first death anniversary because relatives were expected to come.

Before going to the office, I visited three banks. I wanted to transfer some US dollars in Japan, but it seems rather difficult without having the account and could not.

In the evening, I left the office a little bit earlier than usual to see fireworks festival at Miura kaigan beach.  It started at 7:30 pm, and ended at 8:15 pm.  The finale is always good. The good thing of the fireworks festival at beach is the ones from the sea.

Today was the 71st anniversary of atomic bombing in Nagasaki. I watched the news on TV and felt honored to have met the Nagasaki City Mayor in May this year as a part of business trip.

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