Thursday, August 11, 2016


It was fine and very hot.

Today is a national holiday called "Yama no hi(山の日)" Mountain Day or Day of Mountain.  This holiday is very new and started this year. For children it is in the middle of summer vacation, so it does not mean a lot, but for adults it is a precious holiday at the time of obon(お盆) in summer.

I went to one day seminar. It started at 12 noon and lasted until 8 pm or so, and the party followed. At first I was next to today's trainer and I felt lucky to talk with him. During the party a special guest appeared. We were so surprised to see him.  When the special guest came, I was invited to his table and I could talk with him directly too. So I felt lucky.

At the last part there were  ceremony and celebration.
We witnessed the special moment which seldom happens. So I felt lucky too.

Seminar itself was interesting and through many group works, there were some findings too.
The participants were highly motivated and I enjoyed today's seminar.

Only bad thing was it lasted until nearly 11pm and I missed the last train and had to use the taxi to go home.

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