Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It was slightly raining last year, but it was fine after the typhoon No.7 today.

Today is my father's first death anniversary.

People remember others' birthdays but very few people remember someone's death anniversary. This is one of the dates I will never forget.

At 11:01 am he was diagnosed as dead by a doctor. I was at home at that time because of the summer vacation. The meeting time at hospital is from 3 pm to 8 pm, and I was going to see him in the afternoon.
I could not be with him at his last moment.
I could not be with my mother on May 10, 2002 at her last moment in this world too  because I was in Turkey.

Death anniversary is meinichi (命日) in Japanese. Mei (命) means life, nichi (日) means day. Inspite of dead day, it is life day in Japanese.  We had the first year memorial service on Saturday, August 6 at the hall of the graveyard and in front of tomb with a priest and relatives followed by lunch.

We have this kind of memorial services after the death of the first year (isshuki: 一周忌), second year(san kaiki: 三回忌), sixth year (nana kaiki: 七回忌), 12th year (jyusan kaiki: 十三回忌), 16th year (jyunana kaiki: 十七回忌), 22nd year (nijyusan kaiki: 二十三回忌) , 26th year (nijyunana kaiki: 二十七回忌), 32nd year (sanjyusan kaiki: 三十三回忌 ), and the last one is 49th year (gojikkaiki: 五十回忌 ).
Since both my brother and I do not have any children, we won't have 49th memorial service for my father.

I hope my mother and my father rest in peace together.
I am honored to be their daughter. I am looking forward to telling many interesting experiences after their death when I see them someday again in another world.

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