Monday, August 22, 2016


The typhoon No.9 hit Japan and it's been heavily raining from the morning. Trains delayed.

I took a half day off in the afternoon and went to Ikebukuro.

First I had lunch with ex-colleague at our favorite Japanese style restaurant near the office. Lunch set menu used to be yen 800 but it was yen 1000 on the menu. I chose grilled fish called menuki, and everything was delicious, especially I like miso soup there. In the salad there was something I had never eaten, but it was good. Its name is korinky and it is a kind of squash, which you can eat in raw.
We enjoyed eating, talking and seeing her pictures from the trip to Europe.

Then I went to listen to the lecture by Dr. Naoaki Kobayashi from 2 pm. I was surprised to hear many things which were very new to me. His talk was very humorous.
It lasted longer than I expected.
So I decided to have dinner.

The Olympic Games at Rio 2016 were over but I missed the closing ceremony.
I hope to do something to be a bridge between Japan and other countries at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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