Sunday, August 14, 2016


It was fine and hot.

Since it is the time of Obon (お盆), I went to my parents' graveyard. Last week we had the first death anniversay, and put flowers there, but most of them have been dried up, though there are some left at home.

Then I went grocery shopping and filling up my car this morning. 

After that I went to attend BOM of the newly started business in the afternoon with my friend in Tokyo. The speaker was a Korean professor, His way of talking was very interesting, and I felt like listening to the  entertaining performance. I happened to see a couple I met on August 11 at the one day seminar.
After the BOM, I had a chance to talk with the business leaders. I was impressed by their huge dreams.

In the evening my friend and I went to the Tokyo City Keiba (TCK), the public horse races. They were celebrating 30th anniversary of Twinkle Race.
This was the very first time for me to go to see the horse races and buy the tickets. We bought tickets for three races. My friend got yen 3290 or so by buying three numbers for yen 100. I got yen 1070 for three random numbers from yen 100, and yen 280 for single number from yen 200. Maybe beginner's luck?
They were having many events including Thai Fair.  TCK was beautiful and there were many people including small children.
It looked different from what I had imaged. 

It was a nice day. 

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