Saturday, January 7, 2017


It was fine and warm (84F) in Florida, fine but cold (17F) in Chicago.

I got up early and headed for the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. I checked in around 7:30 am to get on the  8:45 flight to Chicago and at that time the information board said "Delayed 10:00 A. "
There were so many TV news crew there to report the gun shooting happened yesterday. My terminal 1 was rather calm, and things went smoothly, however there were so many people waiting even outside at the terminal 2.
There was not enough time in Chicago to transit, I asked about the connection and they could manage to change my flight to Haneda, which is better for me because it is closer to my house.

After all it took off around 10:30 am and took about three hours and a half to Chicago.
And there is one hour time difference between Florida and Chicago.

When I came to Chicago last year, it was snowing, and the flight delayed for a few hours and I had a hard experience to get back home. This time it is very fine without any clouds.

There were about four hours to wait, and I ate the famouse Chicago Hotdog for lunch.

I am still waiting for boarding.

Though there happened an  unexpected incident, totally considered I had a good two weeks vacation as a snowbird.

Thank you for everyone that took time for me out of the busy time. 

Until next time please take good care of yourselves.

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