Monday, January 2, 2017


It was fine.

I got up early and went to see hatsu hi no de (初日の出), the first sun rise, which was said to be at 7:09 am. 
There were two sand objects, turtle and crab at Delray Beach.  I saw some blue jellyfish at the seashore.
There were clouds but I saw the beautiful sun a lttle bit later.

After coming back I cooked o zoni (お雑煮), soup with rice cakes from yesterday.

In the rest of the morning I took a nap.

After having lunch we went to play golf. It was too late at the first place and we visited the second place where had a longer course. It took more than three hours, but it was fun.

The sunset and the crescent moon with venus were so beautiful.

We went shopping and had party menu dinner.

The mail I posted from Christmas arrived safely.

It was a nice new year's day.

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