Tuesday, January 3, 2017


It rained early in the morning but became fine and warm.

I did not go out.

January 2 is the day of hatsuyume (初夢),  the first dream. No.1 is Mt. Fuji,  No.2 is hawk,  and No.3 is eggplant, so called ichi fuji nitaka san nasubi (一富士二鷹三茄子).  Those are supposed to be auspicious to dream in the first night of the new year in Japan. What did you dream last night?

It is also the day of kakizome (書き初め), first calligraphy.

I wrote my first newsletter to my dear Noni group, though it was already Jan. 3 in Japan when I sent it. Now there are 14 hours differences.

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