Saturday, January 7, 2017


It was fine,  became cloudy, and rained a little bit, then became fine again. Because of rain I saw the beautiful rainbow.

I checked the Dream Trips for the next vacation. While checking, the best one to Iceland was sold out.
I hope to travel to see waterfalls next time, maybe in May.

With the help of my ex-colleague, I could visit my third host family to give my season's greeting card and say hello. Then we visited the bookstore, Whole Foods, and Wakodahatchee Wetlands where there were so many wild lives including alligators.
We enjoyed walking, talking and taking pictures.

We had nice steak dinner.

Then we went to play billiards. Last time I lost all the games. This time I said "I must win, I must win, I must win." And I won!  It was so interesting.

There was a big tradgedy at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport today where I will use tomorrow morning. I am not sure about the flight schedule for tomorrow, but I had a very nice last day here for my second snowbird trip.

Thank you everybody for taking time to share with me.

Until next time, take good care of yourselves!

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