Thursday, January 5, 2017


It was fine in the morning when I left and it started raining when I was at the Citibank.

About 10 years ago I opened accounts at the Citibank, and I still keep them. I have not used them for nearly 8 years, so I went to consult how to keep them. There is a campaign at Prestia which was used to be Citibank Japan. They say they give yen 2, 000 for each transfer more than yen 200, 000 from Citibank abroad for up to yen 10, 000 for a half year. I asked Citibank here about the transfer fee. They said it is about $55 to $65. So I decided not to transfer but consolidate into one Certificates of Deposit for longer terms which interest is 0.5 %. They needed not only my passport but also Japanese Driver's license to verify myself.

When I finished transaction, it stopped raining.

I went to have lunch at The Morikami Museum with my ex-colleague. After lunch I walked around the garden. There were many wild lives today. I met some ex-colleagues and enjoyed chatting and taking pictures.

It was a nice day.

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