Sunday, January 15, 2017


It was fine mostly but partially snowed. It became another cold day.

I was supposed to attend the first tea ceremony (hatsugama: 初釜), however my male master got sick a few days ago, and it was canceled unfortunately.

January 15 is known as old New Year's Day. About 20 selected young girls aged from 5 to 12 in Misaki (三崎) area celebrate by dancing called Chakkirako (チャッキラコ). This dance was designated as UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage in September 2009.
January 15 was used be a national holiday called Seijin no hi(成人の日), Coming of Age Day, but it became the second Monday of January. Therefore these days it has been hard to see the performance. However today is Sunday, so I went to see this traditional event at the Kainan jinja (海南神社) shrine. I went there earlier so I could sit and watch them. They performed 6 dances at 6 places. There were two performances at the shrine.

Misaki is famous for tuna, so I ate tuna lunch and bought some tuna.

I went back to the shrine again and happened to see some friends. I bought a plant.

I went home once to plant, and went out shopping again.

Today is my dead father's 82nd birthday. On my way back from Misaki, I went to my parents' graveyard.

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