Saturday, January 21, 2017


It was fine and beautiful.

I took a bus tour visiting Seven Lucky Gods (七福神めぐり: Shichifukujin meguri) in Hakone from Odawara, so I started the day very early.
I happened to find this tour by the newspaper I subscribe. It contains not only visiting seven shrines and temples but also Mishima Sky Walk which was constructed about a year ago and the longest (400m) suspension bridge in Japan and lunch and taking hot spring bath. It costs yen 6980 and those who wished to visit Mishima Sky Walk needed to pay yen 1000 and Hakone Checkpoint for yen 500. I think this is very reasonable and worth attending.
It started at 8:30 in the morning and ended 6 in the evening.
I bought a square hard paper at the first shrine and got stamps at the each shrine and temple for yen 200. In addtion I brought my own stamp book and got stamps for yen 300 each.

The panoramic view at the Mishima Sky Walk was superb.
Mt. Fuji was so beautiful.

Hakone check point was recently renovated and worth seeing.

Lunch was volumy.

There were some outside baths and I enjoyed all of them at the hot spring place.

After the tour I met my best friend from high school living near Odawara and had nice dinner.

It was a nice day.

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