Sunday, January 1, 2017


It was fine and beautiful.

In the morning I visited my second host family's house. Host father is a Japanese American.
When I lived there about 10 years ago, their two daughters did not have any children, but now they have five children and one more will be born soon. All of their family and a friend with two daughters got together and made mochi (餅), rice cake. This was the first time for me to cook rice cake and eat it directly. I ate it with soy sauce and seaweed, and soy sauce with sugar. Both were good.

At lunch time I went to the Farmer's  table with my friend.

In the afternoon I finished making a jigsaw puzzle.

At night I ate nishin soba (鰊そば) , soba noodles in hot broth, topped with a sweetly cooked herring for toshikoshisoba (年越しそば).

Now we are heading for Delray Beach Downtown to see the New Year 's Fireworks. 

How was your 2016?

It was the 10th anniversary of my coming to Florida as a JOI (Japan Outreach Initiative) program coordinator to the Morikami Museum, and 20th anniversary of WSU (Washington State University) Exchange student.
Those two events really changed my life.

2016 started in Delray Beach and ends in Delray Beach.
I have met many interesting people and learned many things.
The biggest news was a career change from private university to national graduate institute.
I think I had a rather good year.
I believe every experience of this year will lead me to have a better decade and a future. 

I wish you a Happy Prosperous New Year 2017!

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