Friday, January 20, 2017


It was cloudy and cold. They say it snowed in the morning in Tokyo.

After work I went to Fuji Film Square. There were four new exhibitions. Some of them were allowed to take pictures. Since there were some cats' pictures, I recommend to those who are cat lovers to visit there. I like both cats and dogs and other animals too, but I dare not to have them because I love traveling more than having pets.

After that I went to some banks because today was a pay day.

Then I went to attend the explanatory meeting of Speed English Learning.
We Japanese learn English at least for three years, usually 6 years, and some for 10 years, but we can't speak it fluently.
At this program, after only two days, they make students to speak. So as an ex-teacher of English, I wanted to know how they do.
They say to master something, people need to spend 10,000 hours.  But if you concentrate for 20 hours, it is also possible they say.
It was interesting, but it is not my way of learning.

I am glad to be in time for the last train.


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