Thursday, January 12, 2017


It was fine.
Mt. Fuji was so beautiful in the morning.  The full moon was so beautiful at night.

After working hour, there was a special English seminar regarding how to write polite emails for 90 minutes. This is one of the benefits I enjoy working at the international graduate institute.

Japanese lanuguage has three ways of honorific expressions (keigo: 敬語). They are sonkeigo (尊敬語) to show respect to others,  kenjyogo (謙譲語) modest expression, and teineigo (丁寧語) to show politeness to others. To master them is very difficult even for us  Japanese natives.

Today we learned some expressions to be polite. There were some findings which I thought polite were not polite.

I hope to attend this kind of useful seminars as much as possible.

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