Monday, May 9, 2016


It was cloudy in the morning, and became rain in the afternoon.

I took a day off today.

In the morning I went to my mother's graveyard because I could not visit there for Mother's Day yesterday, and tomorrow is her 14th death anniversary.

Then I went to Nihonbashi to attend a luncheon of Color Beauty Studies.
There were about 25 people there and all of them were women. There were four instructors and they looked shining.
The reason why I attended this luncheon was I  happened to know about this research last month and I happened to attended the Birthday Marketing seminar last month and enjoyed the seminar of ISD (Institute of Self Discovery) Characteristic Psychology during this Golden Week and I wanted to know the differences between ISD Characteristic Psychology and Color Beauty Studies because both of them judge the personality from one's birthdate.

There was a suprise. Since my birthday was yesterday, they celebrated my birthday with a birthday plate and a  birthday song.

I met very attractive people there and enjoyed this luncheon and the following second party today.

Thank you, everyone.

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