Saturday, May 28, 2016


It was cloudy.

I went to the Kimono-style Miya to have my pictures taken. Today's background settings were special versions. One is a white wall, the other is a black wall, another is a red carpeted sofa in front of very expensive obi called sahari(佐波理), and there is one more, a gold folding screen with a light stand. In front of the white wall I used the Japanese paper unbrella. In front of a black wall I used a frame. In front of the gold folding screen, we used the cherry blossom flower petals. All these were special arrangement for oiran (花魁) picture taking, but since I did not feel like trying oiran style because oiran is a high class prostitute so that I wore the newly made semi-formal kimono with the most expensive obi I have.
After taking pictures, I tried some summer kimono and others. It is fun to try on beautiful kimono.

In the afternoon I went to Tokyo to attend an explanatory meeting of the beauty business college for adults. There were 12 participants. I was intetested in speakers because one of them was a very successful broadcast writer, and the other was the one I met at the luncheon of color beauty studies on May 9,  so that I attended this meeting, and their talk was interesting but I did not apply for the course.

In the evening I went to Shinjuku to attend the best investment seminar.
One of my classmates from the International Business course was a speaker. It's been two years since we studied together.
I wished to have dinner with her, but it was already passed 10:30 pm when it was over. So I gave up. I missed the last train again.

At those seminars I attended with kimono and many people praised me and I felt good.
Here are some pictures.

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