Thursday, May 26, 2016


It was fine and very hot.

I had a very long day.
In the morning I left home earlier than usual because I had a new program starting today. However there happened something and my train was delayed nearly for an hour.
On the train I tried to send an email to inform my colleagues of this situation but it was not sent.
Program went well, but there were many changes and I had to deal with them.
And in the evening, I needed to visit the related Ministry.

After that I attended a seminar about Anthony Robin's UPW program explanation seminar.  I know his name but I did not know his coaching methods at all. A few days ago there appeared the information about this seminar on my Facebook Page, and the place was the next station from my office station, so I decided to attend.
It was supposed to start at 19:30 and end around 21:30. However it started later than schedule and ended around 11 pm. Therefore I missed my last train to my station. So I need to take a taxi.
At the seminar I happened to see my Facebook friend whom I met on May 9.
I enjoyed the seminar and applied for the special discount seminars.
It seems this is the year of learning.

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