Saturday, May 21, 2016


It was fine in the day time, but slightly rained in the evening.

I am having a long day.

I left home early to go to see an eye doctor in Ikebukuro.  After making an  appointnent, I visited the HR section of the university I worked until this March to submit something.
After going back to the eye doctor I was called soon and finished examination soon but the accounting part took longer time than I expected and I gave up dropping at the phermacy there.
I could not get the train which I wanted to take and took about 15 minutes later train and I was a bit late for the Dr. John Gray's Special two days seminar at the Tokyo Big Sight. So I had to take the seat of the very last row.
He was so energetic today too.
At the lunch break I visited three pharmacies all the way across the bridge, but they did not have what I wanted.
After the lecture I tried three pharmacies but it was too late.
Usually they do not open late for weekend. So I may not be able to get certain eye drops by Monday.

Today's seminar was interesting again. He taught us that it is OK not to be perfect, and trying your best is important , the different ways of thinking between men and women, and his personal experiences.
The seminar was supposed to start at 10:45 and end around 19:00, but as we expected it lasted longer than that.
I enjoyed today's seminar too.

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