Sunday, May 22, 2016


It was fine.

Today is the second day of Dr. John Gray's special seminar about partnership at the Tokyo Big Sight.

I left home earlier to reach there before opening, but when I arrived there,  there were so many people already waiting. 

Today it started from the meditation, which I felt so good.

He shared the stories of his father's tragedy and his two marriages and a divorce.  Yesterday we heard about his younger brother's tragedy and teasing from older brothers. He is such a world famous successful writer, but he has had such hard experiences too.
Everyone has a hard time, but it gives us compassion and wisdom.

There were some exercises. One of them was to hug.  To my lucky I could hug with him too. In the Japanese culture we seldom touch others. One of the American culture I miss is hugging. Hug has a power of healing.

It has been nice lecture and seminars. So I am really grateful to be invited to these events. Than you. Thank you.  Thank you.

He promised to come back to Japan many times. I hope to attend his lectures and seminars at the VIP seat next time.

On my way back by Yurikamome, I saw the beautiful night scenery of the rainbow bridge with the fullmoon, but I could not take pictures.

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