Monday, May 30, 2016


It was fine and hot.
My friends and I went to the Kainan jinja (海南神社) shrine in Misaki (三崎) and paid a formal visit, which means we entered into the shrine building and the Shinto priest recited the Shinto chant called norito (祝詞) and we dedicated the Sakaki twig called tamagushi (玉串) and prayed. After that we wrote our wish on the Ema (絵馬) and hung them.  There will be a festival there next Sunday, to our lucky we could see a portable shrine called omikoshi (御神輿) by chance.
Misaki is famous for tuna so we went to eat tuna lunch at Kurobatei (くろば亭) restaurant where is very famous in that area. My student's father runs the restaurant and we had a good service of kabutoyaki (かぶと焼き), the grilled tuna head. Before eating he prayed and played the trumpet shell and served. His perfornance was very impressive. There are many different meats in tuna head and we enjoyed various taste.
After that we had tea at the nearby cafeteria and enjoyed chatting.
After saying goodbye, I went to grocery shopping and filling my car up.
It was a nice Sunday.

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